Adobe Muse CC

by Adobe

This gives you the ability to create a website without any code

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Adobe

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Adobe Muse is a program that allows you to create simple adaptive sites without having to have a deep knowledge of web programming. This is a kind of visual editor with a large library of ready-made menus, forms, sliders, keys, panels and other graphic elements. All operations with the code are performed by the program itself, the user only needs to "drag" objects to the right places on the page, add blocks of text and create links between pages. In addition to the standard "resources" for creating projects, you can use your own. For these purposes, the program provides integration with Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Comp and other solutions on behalf of the developer. Materials can also be purchased from Adobe Stock and Typekit Marketplace.

In addition to desktop sites, Muse is also able to create pages adapted to the screens of portable devices. The program supports importing layouts in SVG format and can create animated transitions. Adobe Muse has a "standalone" editor for each type of item on the page. For most of the available functions and layers, specific hotkey combinations can be configured.

You can publish the ready-made site on a local disk or upload it to the server via the FTP protocol using "standard" means. The Secure FTP security algorithm is used for data transfer. It also supports exporting pages to HTML. In conclusion, it should be added that Adobe Muse is not a free program, and the trial period offered by the developers lasts only a week.

- makes it possible to create websites without any knowledge of web programming;

- supports integration with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Comp, Adobe Animate and other Adobe products;

- allows importing templates in SVG format;

- provides convenient means of publishing the site;

- works with layers of elements;

- contains a convenient menu for creating "links" between pages.

I am the definition of tech illiterate, but I know what looks good. Muse makes it incredibly easy to really quickly put a website together and see how it looks and runs. Before this I never could have imagined that I would be able to make a website!
This product is created to help those who don't understand website designing or programming. It's as easy as dragging thing to where you want them to be on the webpage. You can also create links to other pages. The finished product is viewable on mobile devices, laptops and desk tops.
An offline website builder used to create fixed, fluid, or adaptive websites,without having to write a code
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