Adobe Photoshop Elements

by Adobe

Graphics editor for entry-level photographers, image editors and hobbyists

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Adobe

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Adobe Phtoshop Elements is a program that gathers the functions of the famous Adobe Phtoshop, which relate to the quick editing of photos and the application of various effects to them. You could say it's a cutback Photoshop. Adobe Phtoshop Elements allows you to remove unwanted items from your photo without a trace, to borrow a style from one image to another, to merge several previously cut photos horizontally and vertically to create a panorama, as well as to perform many other actions with your digital photos. Available help system will make the process of studying the program as fast as possible.

- Photo Style Cloning: Want to imitate your favorite photo style, such as high contrast or smooth tones? The Photomerge Style Match tool analyzes the stylistic qualities of the photo you have chosen and automatically applies the desired changes to the rest of the photos. That's how easy it is for you to copy your favorite style;

- Eliminating unnecessary details in the photo, or restoring old photos: do you have unwanted elements on your photo, such as power lines, bystanders, or passing cars? You can easily remove them with a single movement of the Spot Healing Brush, which erases even the most complex objects, as if they never existed. Instead, Adobe Photoshop Elements will substitute the background copied from the surrounding areas. Removal of objects can also be used when cleaning old scanned photos from scratches, yellow spots, etc;

- Video upload to Facebook: Adobe Photoshop Elements allows you to upload videos to Facebook quickly and conveniently directly from your organizer. The video will be optimized for the best display on the web page;

- Print photos: admire your photos on various calendars, greeting cards and other materials that you can print right at home;

- beautiful panoramas: with Adobe Photoshop Elements you can create very beautiful panoramas. The Photomerge Panorama is a tool that easily connects several photos horizontally or vertically, even if the angles of the connection are not even;

- Easy effect creation: now you can create effects that will enhance your photos and give them a professional look. The new Effect Wizard can help you create true masterpieces, effects, shooting styles, etc;

- Processing modes: with Adobe Photoshop Elements you can customize your work in the best possible way. Thanks to the Basic and Advanced modes, you can choose the level of control over the image creation process that suits your skills;

- Create a photo with multiple layers: part of one photo can be viewed against the background of another using layer masks. This allows you to adjust the transparency of individual areas of the photo;

- Help: A reference system that is easily accessible just when you need it will help you to put your ideas into practice as soon as possible;

- Mac multitouch support: Adobe Phtoshop Elements provides additional features for Apple laptop owners with a multi-touch touchpad.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is merging with the times. Pictures and images are the new norm but sometimes a photo needs an adjustment. With this software, you can do quick editing and adjust the angle, color, image, and so much more. Being able to restore old photos you thought were damaged or ruined makes this software appealing. Don't have a USB card and want to download from FaceBook, no problem. Pictures will never be the same with this software.
Adobe Photoshop Elements for Windows allows you to Enhance, organize and share your photos like a pro
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