Autodesk 123D Make

by Autodesk

Create 3D models and modify them afterwards.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Autodesk

Release: Autodesk 123D Make 1.6.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Autodesk 123D Make is software developed to be comparable to other 3D design tools that are available online, such as Google Sketchup. Autodesk 123D has capabilities and benefits comparable to Google Sketchup and is a simpler and much more accessible 3D model maker than AutoCAD, another program offered by the same developer. Autodesk 123D can import files from other programs such as Google Sketchup if it is saved in the correct format, which allows users to modify imported models or create new ones from the reference files.


  • Allows users to create 3D models from photos via photogrammetry.
  • Allows users to create circuit board designs or breadboard designs.
  • 3D printing functionality, 3D models can be used for export in a 3D printer.
  • Tools to modify and work with mesh models.

Autodesk 123D Make is a simplified 3D model maker program that allows users to make 3D models and import them from other software or sources. The program has various tools that allow users to make various types of designs apart from 3D models, such as circuit board designs and mesh models. Created models can be exported and saved under different formats, and the models created by the program can be even utilized by a 3D printer. The software is primarily intended for beginning users interested in a 3D model maker program, such as Google Sketchup. The software does have more advanced functionality, but would not be comparable to more advanced and professional programs such as AutoCAD or similar software. Given its functionality, Autodesk 123D Make is less resource intensive than more advanced modeling software, only requiring a minimum of 2 GB of ram and a basic GPU with at least 256 MB of memory. This software can easily be run on a variety of Windows systems without forcing the PC to slow down or potentially freeze from extensive CPU and resource use. As such, the software benefits users who wish to quickly and easily modify 3D models easily, without having to invest heavily in computer architecture, which is more suitable for more advanced users.

The software allows users to import OBJ and STL files.
Autodesk 123D Make seems like a great software for beginner modelers. It has a clear audience and is created by a reputable developer. The function of the software is clear and well defined. It also runs on a wide array of machines; its requirements are not high. I would definitely look into using this software.
Jacob Wortham
Autodesk 123D Make for Windows is a free software program that is designed to help users create and improve their 3D models. It is compatible on a PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit or 64 bit operating systems. This software supports both OBJ and STL files.
Autodesk 123D Make is a program that has a lot of construction tools that you can use in order to make your 3D creations feel more real and believable. One of the coolest features of Autodesk 123D Make is that it gives you the ability to print to any laser cutter that you've got hooked up to your system. And, I love being able to rotate whatever object I'm working on to a new angle, and then being able to choose which object thickness or size I want to use.
Autodesk 123D Make for suite of hobbyist CAD and 3D modelling tols and its created by autodesk and there is problem with auto desk 123D because of its lack innovativ and concise menus and with which makes its diffcult to get anything really done at in an efficient manner
I have always to create cool things on the computer. I like the modeling that my friends have been doing and showing to me. They suggested that I download Autodesk 123D Make for Windows and let my creative juices flow. It was easy to download and install. I was able to convert the world I see in my into a 3D model. It took some time to learn the skills but once I got the basics down, then there's no limit to what I can make using this program.
This software can create or edit 3D models , but we have to create a 3D model with minimal effort. This app is very simple to use just needs some basics to use it. We can also import OBJ and STL formats to create a 3D model using this software. and it is free
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