Autodesk FBX Converter

by Autodesk Inc

Tools that allow you to work with FBX files more efficiently

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Publisher: Autodesk Inc

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Autodesk FBX Converter is a powerful application that allows you to convert FBX files into different formats depending on your needs.  This extends the compatibility of the file with many different programs, allowing you more flexibility in what you can do with your FBX files and what programs you can use.  Autodesk FBX Converter contains many useful features when working with your 3D and animation files.  For example, it includes a batch feature that allows you to convert files in batches rather than having to convert each file one by one.  This saves time and makes the process much smoother and simpler.  The explorer feature allows you to view and compare your FBX files so that you can make evaluate changes that might need to be made.  Autodesk FBX Converter gives you a handful of powerful tools that you can use to work with your FBX files in new ways.  


  • Converts your FBX files to OBJ, DFX, 3DS, and DAE
  • Can be used as an explorer, a viewer, and a converter
  • Allows for extraction of animation takes
  • Extreme ease of use and simplicity with minimal user involvement
  • Gives you the power to change the camera angle of your animations

If you are looking for an application that will allow you to work with your FBX files with ease and simplicity, and convert them to different formats to make them more compatible with your software, then Autodesk FBX Converter is the perfect fit.  It is available as a free download for both Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit systems.  When you start using Autodesk FBX Converter, you will be able to do much more with your FBX files than you were before.  Even better, it's easy even for beginning users to figure out how to use, with a simple point and click interface.  Try it to learn what you can do with your FBX files!

Autodesk FBX Converter packages many tools into one slim application, making it highly versatile.


Bob Johnson
This software will convert FBX files into a numerous amount of other file types. It works with many programs to grant the flexibility of using the program you prefer. It includes: batch file conversion to convert multiple files at once, files explorer to compare other files and multiple camera angles.
Cade Rowan
FBX Converter is a free additional utility by Autodesk that is aimed at 3d modelers, animators, and designers dealing with 3d models. It lets you easily convert 3d files from one format to another. It supports a number of 3d formats, mostly for 3d mesh structures generated by CAD software. Besides, there are several useful tools for various small tasks. The supported formats include: - 3DS - OBJ - DAE - DXF - FBX The FBX file format has several different versions, all of which are supported by FBX converter. The software comes with FBX Viewer which is a tool for viewing animated FBX models. It visualizes and displays animated FBX models in real-time. With the help of FBX Viewer, you can take a quick look at your models before converting them. This is helpful if you have a lot of models at hand, and they need to be vetted before you make a conversion. Another tool included in the FBX converter is FBX Explorer. The purpose of FBX explorer is to let you view the structure of a FBX file. Files of the FBX format have a hierarchical structure, meaning that a single file can contain multiple subdirectories and subgroups, which in turn can contain further subdirectories and subgroups. The tool lets you explore these with ease. FBX Explorer also provides complete functionality for file comparison: you can compare the contents of different files, especially if they have similar sub-groups and models. FBX Take Manager is a tool for managing animation takes. If you have FBX files with multiple takes, you can open them in FBX Take Manager without opening MotionBuilder, which really saves time. In other words, the tool is a quick, efficient solution to retrieve animation files. With its help, you can quickly create new FBX files with the extracted takes.
Good app for being able to quickly view 3D models. The lighting and background are high quality on this software, however, it is difficult to navigate away to apply textures when two files are in the same folder. It lacks some very critical information about the model, and it is very hard/difficult to convert bulk/single mesh.
The Autodesk FBX Converter for Windows is a tool that converts files into the FBX format. The Autodesk FBX Converter allows you to explore and compare files. The Autodesk View allows you to view FBX files.
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