Bat To Exe Converter

by Fatih Kodak

Software designed to help you convert BAT script files to EXE format

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fatih Kodak

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bat To Exe Converter is a program that converts BAT scripts to Windows executable files. It can also combine several "batniks" into one EXE. Despite the fact that the program is intended for experienced users, because of the intuitive interface it can be used by beginners.

From the main window you can add new BAT-files to the project. Their list is displayed there as well. The next step is to select the main parameters of the project. For example, Bat To Exe Converter allows you to configure the console's "visibility" at the start of the executable file. If desired, all the necessary scripts can be executed in the so-called "silent" mode, but in this case, the ready-made file may be given false alarms antivirus. You can also select the application architecture and restrict access to the file with a password. Bat To Exe Converter creates temporary files while working. There is a point in the settings that is responsible for cleaning them automatically when the program is closed.

In addition to the main parameters of the project, there are several customization parameters, however, they are limited to the possibility of specifying the version of the file, adding information about the developer and a multiple description.

When the program setup is finished and all the necessary checkmarks are set, it is enough to press the "Compile" key and choose the place of saving the finished EXE. Even the weakest computers take a few seconds to compile.

- conversion of BAT-scripts to EXE (Windows executable files);

- inclusion of several scripts in one project;

- the ability to set up the console's "visibility" at startup;

- Protect access to the source file with a password;

- Adding a file/product version, developer information and a brief description;

- Clears the temporary files when you finish your work;

- Clear multilingual interface.

In simple words,its great.Changing files from one format to another is always a hectic task.But now i have a software which will do this for me.what i like most about this software is there security.I can protect the file with the passwrod.The speed is also gives me the option to save the file wherever i like.
Advanced BAT to EXE Converter is the best choice to compile your batch files to .EXE for distributing commercially
The Bat to Exe converter for windows is a really important technology that allows the user of the software to change batch files into code that can be executed by other users, hence the "bat to exe" name of the software. Most users have found this to be very useful software that they could use time and time again in order to convert their files with ease and efficiency.
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