C# Read Excel File

by Christian Findlay and C# Read Excel Team

A C# VB .NET class library for generating, reading, and updating Excel spreadsheets.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Christian Findlay and C# Read Excel Team

Release : C# Read Excel File 2021.11.0

Antivirus check: passed

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The 'C# Read Excel File' software is a VB.NET class library designed to perform operations on Excel files. It is primarily intended for reading, generating, and updating Excel spreadsheets. This software proves to be very handy in various fields including accounting, financial management, content management, and data import.

With a minimalistic installation on the target device, 'C# Read Excel File' stands out from other Office Interop type tools. Additionally, its usage is simplified with an exceptionally user-friendly API that can be installed and used in any .NET project, including C# projects that read, create Excel files and import or export Excel data. Thus, leading to a considerable time-saving development process.

  • Reading Excel data in C#
  • Validating or writing data to an Excel document
  • Editing existing documents
  • Extracting content such as text and images from documents
  • Cell formatting within the worksheet to create striking tables

The 'C# Read Excel File' software allows you to summarize or export data to a database. It is also useful for validating or writing data into an Excel document, modifying existing documents, and pulling content such as text and images from documents.

"C# Read Excel File" software considerably simplifies and accelerates .NET project development involving Excel file handling.

The API provides the ability to format the worksheet cells to create compelling spreadsheets. Accordingly, it's possible to add Excel document processing into your integration pipeline to automate repetitive tasks such as data entry.

To operate 'C# Read Excel File', developers do not need to install any additional software. The NuGet package contains a DLL to read the Excel file with C#. The documentation comes with a set of four sample applications demonstrating how to read Excel data, write data from a web API into an Excel document, validate data in an Excel document, import Excel data into a database, and add formulas for performing complex calculations within the worksheet.

.NET framework 4.5 or higher installed
Windows 7 or higher operating system
Sufficient disk space for installation
NuGet package manager installed

Streamlines reading, generating, and updating Excel files.
Eliminates the need for additional software installation.
Offers user-friendly API for easy operation.

Lacks extensive data manipulation options.
Documentation not beginner-friendly.
Handles large Excel files inefficiently.
A GUI for C and C++ programmers, enhancing Windows API interfaces creation ease.