by Canadian Mind Products

A tool that compresses HTML by eliminating unnecessary white spaces to increase speed.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Canadian Mind Products

Release : Compactor 3.9

Antivirus check: passed

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The Compactor software is designed to compress HTML by removing unnecessary white space. It compacts HTML so that web pages are 20% smaller and therefore 20% faster. It achieves this by eliminating all unnecessary white space. To reinflate files, you can use tools such as SlickEdit for beautifying. The files will display on browsers exactly as they did before. All [pre] sections are left intact. No comments are removed.

It's important to note that Compactor only compresses your HTML. It doesn't reinflate it. For that, you could consider tools such as SlickEdit, DreamWeaver, or HTML tidy to reinflate the code, making it easier to read and edit.

  • HTML file compression by eliminating unnecessary white spaces
  • Ability to make web pages 20% smaller and thus 20% faster
  • Preservation of [pre] sections and comments in the compressed file
  • Capability to integrate Compactor into your own program
  • Option to completely remove comments, except those you define as macros

You can incorporate Compactor into your own program and have it fully remove comments, except for those you define as macros. It can also remove comment and comment-style macros, while leaving SSI (Server Side Includes) intact.

Compactor optimizes web pages by reducing their size, enhancing website performance without altering functionality or appearance.

In summary, the Compactor software is a valuable tool for optimizing web pages by reducing their size, without affecting their functionality or appearance. It is ideally suited for web developers looking to enhance the performance of their sites.

Operating system: Windows, Mac, or Linux
Minimum 512MB RAM required
At least 50MB free disk space for installation
Requires an HTML editing software

Improves webpage speed by creating 20% smaller HTML files.
Preserves [pre] sections and comments during compression.
Can be integrated into other programs for convenience.

Requires external tools to reinflate compressed HTML.
Full comment removal may delete important annotation.
Doesn't support file types outside HTML.
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