Double Bubble

by Novel Games Limited

An interactive memory-based game where users pick recurring objects from ascending bubbles.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Double Bubble 1.3.2

Antivirus check: passed

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"Double Bubble" is an engaging game that challenges your memory and observation skills. The goal is to identify repeated objects that pop up in bubbles as they rise on the screen. At the start of each level, a number of unique objects appear in the bubbles, and as the game advances, these objects start to reappear. Your task is to click on the bubbles containing repeated objects.

The game starts off easy, with a limited number of objects appearing in the bubbles. However, as you progress, new objects are added, making your memory task more challenging. In addition, each level requires the collection of a specific number of objects within a limited time, thus adding a time pressure to the memory exercise. If you run out of time or click on a bubble containing a non-repeated object, points and time are deducted from you.

  • Object Recall: You can enhance your recall ability by identifying repeated objects.
  • Time Limit: Each level must be completed within a specified timeframe, thereby strengthening your time management skills.
  • Increasing Difficulty: With new objects added at each level, the game's difficulty gradually escalates.
  • Penalties for Mistakes: Points and time are deducted for each mistake made, heightening the game's stakes.

Hence, "Double Bubble" is perfect for those looking to improve their memory and observational abilities while having fun. So, are you ready to rise to the challenge and push your limits to the maximum? It's time to unleash your memory's potential with Double Bubble.

Double Bubble enhances memory and observational skills in a fun, engaging and challenging way.
1. Compatible with modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)
2. Requires minimum 512MB RAM for smooth performance.
3. Stable internet connection for online gaming.
4. Compatible with touch-screen devices.

Boosts your memory and observational abilities.
Increases your time management skills.
Gradually escalating difficulty keeps the game engaging.

Increasing difficulty can be overwhelming for some players.
Penalties for mistakes can lead to frustration.
Time limit adds unnecessary pressure, reducing enjoyment.
Fun memory challenge.
Stimulating observation game.
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