Dr.Web Remover

by Доктор Веб

Delete damaged installations for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Доктор Веб

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Dr.Web remover is a free program from Dr.Web developers that allows you to remove the above mentioned antivirus from your computer correctly and completely. It is worth mentioning that sooner or later most computer users face an unpleasant situation when the usual methods of removal do not allow to remove the antivirus from their computer correctly, and Dr.Web is no exception. Perhaps the uninstaller of your antivirus fails, refuses to start or deletes the installed program only partially (and, therefore, incorrectly!), in any case, the final result is the presence of so-called "tails" (that is, remnants of the antivirus software product) in the system. Later on, they may interfere with the installation of a different version of the antivirus or cause the computer to slow down and malfunction.

Dr.Web remover is not only a great alternative to many standard and even non-standard uninstallation programs, it is often the only really working tool that you can use to get rid of the antivirus that failed. The interface of Dr. Web remover deserves special praise, it is as simple as possible and easy to use, which allows you to ensure that the most inexperienced users can easily use this useful utility! All you need to do is just run the downloaded Dr. Web uninstaller on behalf of the administrator and do a couple of simple steps by clicking on the intuitive buttons, after which the problem with uninstalling the "got" antivirus will be completely solved!

- does not require installation on a computer;

- is run as an administrator;

- requires a system reboot after completion of work.

Right off the bat the description of the product is to wordy, I'm lost in the long sentences. I will say that without knowing what this product was before reading, it definitely gave some informative details about the product. I think it's smart in a marketing sense to advertise as, "the only really working tool". I think I would add a description of what an "administrator" means because I would be hesitant to download with that in the details.
I have run into issues uninstalling antivirus software in the past (sometimes the attempt triggers a reaction whereby the antivirus thinks a virus is trying to disable the antivirus). But for the most part this is an issue of the past. Modern antivirus software uninstalls just fine, and "tails" are only an issue in cases where someone installs like 5 or 6 Antivirus softwares in quick succession. You can try it, but there are much better software removal tools out there and 99.99% of the time windows will work just fine.
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