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A centralized area for file storage and access across platforms, devices, and people

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Publisher: Dropbox Inc.

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Dropbox is one of the most famous cloud storage services. Its main functions are file synchronization, information sharing, cloud storage, sharing files, documents, photos, presentations or any other project, and even creating simple websites.

Cloud storage is a server, or several servers with large hard drives. The servers can be located both next to each other and at any distance from each other. When registering a client on the server, a certain amount of memory is allocated to this client. In the case of Dropbox, the client is provided with 2 GB of free disk space upon registration. For an additional fee, according to the tariffs, you can get from 1 terabyte to unlimited space on the server.

Files in the cloud can be accessed from a large number of devices and operating systems: Windows and Mac OS and Linux and Android smartphones, iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad and Kindle Fire tablets, as well as support for Windows phones and tablets.

Working with Dropbox is very simple: after registration and installation of the application, you will be offered to create a folder, the contents of which will be copied to the cloud storage and synchronized between all the devices on which the Dropbox client is installed. If your device is not supported, you can access files in the cloud through the web interface. Files can be scattered, i.e. shared. The program creates a link to the selected file or files, which can be sent to anyone. If a file has been accidentally deleted or a wrong version has been downloaded, it can be easily restored and within 30 days Dropbox saves the history of each file in the storage.

And that's not a complete list of all the features of Dropbox!

- Dropbox allows you to change files. You're the one who runs this process. Now you don't need to work with FTP server or use web-interface;

- data processing is performed in a convenient mode for you. It happens on its own, that is, it does not require your direct participation. Several computers can be connected to one client;

- saving the right versions of files. The previous version can be updated;

- the program works with all file and folder extensions;

- makes it easy to publish files to the network and updates automatically when changes are made to your computer;

- partial transmission of data is possible, only for those that have been subject to change;

- has the ability to recover lost data;

- all data on changes to files that have been made in the last 30 days are saved. It's possible to connect an unlimited history of "Pack-Rat";

- has the perfect protection. The data is output via an encrypted channel (SSL) and stored "in the cloud" in an encrypted form (AES-256);

- has the option of opening files for sharing using the "Public" folder, as well as the exchange of files is possible;

- It is possible to create "Shared" folders for access of a certain number of people who have different accounts on the service;

- High efficiency of the program, you can independently adjust the speed of feedback and data reception.

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