Express VPN

by ExpressVPN

A network that allows private access to the internet and access to blocked content

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ExpressVPN

Release: Express VPN

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Express VPN is a website that enables you to encrypt your information to keep it safe from marketing companies, the government, your ISP provider, and any other entities that are interested in your browsing history. It does this through masking your location and IP address and provides a sort of tunnel that keeps your information hidden. Express VPN allows you to essentially use the internet as if you were in another country. This feature allows you to not only boost your internet speed based on location but also grants you access to websites and video content that may have originally been blocked in your country. Express VPN also ensures that nosy internet service providers cannot throttle, which may significantly slow down your internet speed by blocking your internet activity from being viewed. It can be used to help you find services at the right price as oftentimes. Companies may keep track of your internet usage history to hike up the prices oi services, including airline tickets and hotel rooms and the like.

Additionally, VPNs keep your data safe from marketing agencies, which often use your history and location in order to display ads on your computer. VPNs allow for the safe use of peer to peer services without any worry of someone watching you. The VPN is easily downloadable on your computer and can be turned off and on with the single click of a button. It also allows you only to use the internet only when the VPN is working, ensuring that your data is safe in instances where the VPN is down. Express VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is outside of the 14 eyes group or SIGINT Seniors Europe, which ultimately has more authority over this information for national security purposes.


Gives protection from online tracking and censorship.
  • Unblocks websites that have been censored
  • Keeps your location and IP address hidden
  • Prevents marketing companies from displaying ads based on your whereabouts and raising their prices based on your browsing activity
  • Prevents governing bodies and your ISP from watching you and throttling your internet speed
  • Allows you to change your jurisdiction in order to gain higher internet speeds
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