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Access your PC remotely from other devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LogMeIn, Inc.

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GoToMyPC is a software solution for remote desktop access which works with Windows (as well as Mac) computers. By installing the software on the internet-connected host computer, other computers can use all of the resources and files of the host computer through a secure browser connection. You can even access the host computer from your mobile devices, such as an Android tablet or iPhone, by installing the GoToMyPC client apps for the relevant device. GoToMyPC supports both multiple monitors and transmission of audio from the host computer such as music or notification sounds. GoToMyPC is available with a free 7-day trial to test out the software, with reasonable pricing options available after the trial.


  • All logins to the host computer are secured by the https protocol used for secure websites.
  • The data being sent to and from the host computer is encrypted end-to-end using the 128-bit AES protocol.
  • For increased privacy, GoToMyPC allows you to lock the host computer remotely and turn off its screen.
  • The GoToMyPC team has made sure to build redundancy their own infrastructure, so there is no need to worry about dropped connections or lack of processing resources on their backend.
  • Because the host screen image is only transmitted when there is a change, the amount of data being transmitted is decreased making the perceived lag minimal.
  • Installation on the host computer is an easy process with a graphical installer.
  • GoToMyPC supports transferring files both to and from the host and the client devices.
  • There is a shared clipboard between host and clients, allowing users to copy and paste remotely.


GoToMyPC has better performance than other remote desktop apps because it only transmits the remote screen image as it changes.

Go to my PC only works on Windows 7 or Windows 2003 server or later. It requires a 2.4 GHz processor and at least 2 GB of RAM.

GoToMyPC is a great tool that will let you remotely log in to your host computer using any other device, whether that device is a PC or a mobile one. You can then securely connect to your host computer and use it with full access. Whenever I use GoToMyPC I feel like I'm using my real computer since there's almost no lag time.
Goto mypc software is free for 7 days access and it is used for healthcare professionals . It wrap up administartive task anywhere at any time. I t helps in access in mobile itself. and work effectively.
GoToMyPC for windows is software that is good for accessing my device remotely. It allows me to work remotely in the comfort of my home I do not have to be in the office to complete my work. It has also helped my team access computers remotely from the comfort of their home. This has eased my work and also my team.
GoToMyPC is nothing less than leading innovation for remote desktop software, as recognized by TrustRadius as the #1 software of its type in 2022. If you have work at the office that you could easily finish at home, just sign up for this low-cost software, and sign in to your pc that you want to work from, and everything that you need from your work computer is instantly at your fingertips. It connects on any network from 3G up, and on any device. I mean any! Windows, Mac, Apple, or android. Literally take your work home with you!
Recently tried this software. One of the best remote software that I ever used. simple to use easy to navigate . The remote connection speed is way beyond my imagination. previously I have tried multiple remote software before but this one has incredible speed compared to other remote software. And one of the best features I saw in this is the built-in malware protection system. No need to worry about the security features. Really loved it. And the last thing that needs to say is The file transfer speed is also incredible.
I love using GoToMyPC for Windows because it makes it really easy to access my computer any time I want, even if I'm not anywhere near it. This program makes remote work a cinch. Best of all, it works safely and securely, so you can rest assured that no one can access your computer's contents without your express permission and authorization.
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