hide.me VPN

by eVenture Ltd

Client software for windows and other services

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: eVenture Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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hide.me VPN is a client of the popular VPN service, which allows you to use a fast virtual network for a relatively democratic fee. The service is paid and works on a subscription model, so users who have not subscribed, are put strict restrictions on the amount of traffic consumed and the list of available countries is greatly reduced. If you have a subscription, you can connect to servers in more than fifty countries and "surf" without any restrictions.

The process of establishing a connection to the virtual network is as simple as possible. To become anonymous and secure on the network, simply slide the switch on the home screen to the "Connect" position. You do not need to restart your browser or any other software that works with your network. Next to the switch you will find a menu for selecting the server country. Countries that are not available in your plan are highlighted in grey. If you do not care about the server location, you can use the "Auto" mode. In this case, hide.me VPN will automatically select the appropriate network based on speed and stability considerations. In the settings section, you can enable the option to automatically connect to the server each time you boot up Windows. This will help to remember to become anonymous on the network and not to "light up" your real IP. For the same purpose, hide.me VPN has an automatic shutdown feature that works every time the client "doubts" the security of the user. It also blocks all outgoing traffic in case of connection breaks.

- is an official client of the hide.me VPN service, which operates on a paid subscription model;

- offers servers in over fifty countries;

- can automatically select the fastest and most stable network nearby;

- sets serious restrictions on traffic and connection geography for users without a paid subscription;

- can start with Windows;

- supports multiple network protocols, allowing the user to select the appropriate one;

- offers the option of emergency shutdown in case of problems with encryption and disconnection.

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