J. River Media Jukebox

by J. River

Organize all of your files and connect with multiple devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: J. River

Release: J. River Media Jukebox 24.0.72

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The new Media Jukebox 14 is the best available FREE media jukebox on the internet.  More of everything you have come to love about the media jukebox.  Keep it simple with a user-interface that collects, organizes, and plays with ease.  Organize your music files big and small and even create customizable views that coordinate with your preferences.  Keep a database of tracks.  No tracklist is too large, and our database will keep you always up-to-date with the latest database enhancements.  Finally, we have partnered with multiple software companies to make sure that all of your devices synced, and we offer full real-time support for all your device syncing needs. 


  • Label and cover printing that is customizable to your needs
  • All audio effects all the time - powerful and robust in your ears
  • Never worry about slow-burning speeds - burn and rip in seconds
  • Up-to-date with all of your music services and built into your devices, we even include the all-new Amazon store
  • Search with ease by track, album, etc.
  • A robust database of tagging potential
  • Customizable smart lists
  • All formats are available for burning, ripping and encoding
  • Tired of music for a minute?  Switch over to podcasts and toggle between both.
  • Connects with multiple devices
  • Just the best, most efficient FREE media jukebox available today

If you are in search of one jukebox to rule them all for all of your audio needs, please look no further than the new Media Jukebox 14!  More of everything now for FREE.  Do not wait.  Download today and feel the power in your ears.

Tired of music for a minute? Switch over to podcasts and toggle between both!
Josh Lagerval
J.River Media Jukebox makes it easy to organize and listen to all my music, the fact that I can easily switch over to podcasts make it useful when I just need some background noise to listen
Arran Fellows
For anyone who is a lover of music as much as I am will love this software. I have thousands of songs and playlist and this allows me to easily organize everything without all the work. Not only that, I can burn all my CDs and files easily. Wotks better than the pre installed software.
This is a windows application that acts as a file organizer for an electronic music jukebox. This software is great for people who have a lot of mp3 files and music in their computer. This application allows users to play and organize various types of media that are running on Windows, OS, and even Linux. This is like a replacement for the infamous Itunes.
this application gives us a different experience to our music world we can connect our smart phones and we can create playlists and we can hear any podcasts we no longer concerned about the file format it supports a variety of music formats and it is free to use
You may think you have a great media player, but this tool allows you to the files of any digital jukebox with ease. One of the most powerful tools around. Works with Android and PlayForSure devices. Automatically tags songs with relevant artist and song information. Plays all major media file formats and works well Amazon. You can rip and encode your files easily and do almost anything you'd like. Want some of the best EQ and editing features of any tool? We got it. Need to print labels and covers? This makes that easy too. Great tool and way better than even VLC.
This program helps you coordinate your music files in a single place. It collects, organizes,s and plays your files with seamless style. This program handles more files than another jukebox you can ever think of. This is a powerful player with multi-purpose functions. Get it now to enjoy great music in a newly defined way on your PC.
You will now have all your music files collected and organized, playing your digital music file. Music is life hence why you need to have your music well assembled and neatly stored for easy accessibility when needed. This tool has been downloaded by millions and testimonies are the same. It is recommended you get it.
Charlie Ottman
J. River Media Jukebox is a digital media player and media library software application for playing audio, video, and images on personal computers running Microsoft Windows. It allows the user to organize, play, rip, burn, and synchronize digital audio and video files, including high-definition video. It can also be used to manage digital music collections, as well as to create playlists.
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