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A software used for numerical computing and graphing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The MathWorks

Release: MATLAB R2009a

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MATLAB, first introduced in 1984 is a software program specifically geared towards those with backgrounds in science, engineering, and economics, that allows users to generate interfaces, process images, and teach/incorporates some aspects of linear algebra.


  • Plotting of functions and data. 
  • Able to interface with programs written in multiple variations of computer language. 
  • Popular, active software with up to 3 million active members. 
  • Allows users to manipulate "matrix'."
  • Graphical multi-domain and model-based simulations and images.
  • Multiple file extension capabilities. 
  • Multiple versions and "Easter Egg" Commands. 
  • Supports applications with (GUI) Graphical user interface features.
  • Dynamic Field Name Support. 

In conclusion, MATLAB is a software program developed over 30 years ago, by a company called 'MathWorks." This software program is able to use multiple paradigms, or computer languages to graph inputs, process images, and incorporates aspects of lambada algebra and calculus. MATLAB is also capable of multi-domain simulations and model design for embedded systems using an additional package add-on referred to as Simulink. (With an additional fee, of course.)

Allows the creation of customer user interfaces with the ability to interface with other

MATLAB is able to perform on operating systems, (OS) Windows, Mac and Linux and has been written in C, C++, and Javascript. The program has also high usability in the field of Control Systems Engineering.) and is used to teach linear algebra and numerical analysis in colleges and schools throughout the country. 

Although the program has many uses in the Industrial and educational fields, it also has much competition throughout the industry, with such programs as Mathematica, TK Solver, Maple, and IDL. There are also many free, open source programs that can be used in connection with MATLAB, that utilize the same programming language and can be used as a supplemental aid to MATLAB itself. Again, in conclusion, this software program is vital to those who are studying computers, computer language, and programming or anyone who wants to take the next step in learning numerics and analysis. 

What I love about MATLAB for Windows is that the menu bar and tool bar are context-sensitive. They change depending on the Window I am in. That's so convenient. This software isn't free but it's worth the price. It frees up memory in the computer and so the system runs more efficiently. Who couldn't use a faster system?
this is an app to do math calculations graphs, equations, table and know what we have done
I have used MATLAB as my top tool in my Data Analytics tool belt. I am able to quickly design algorithms and identify areas of improvement. I am able to produce C code efficiently, reliably, and easy for my team of software engineers to integrate with our core systems. My reports can be generated automatically and distributed into other key software products
I think the sheer amount of tools and functionality speak for themselves but this is excellent software for both home, corporate, and educational use. The support is also excellent, you won't be left hanging if you run into a problem.
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