MixMeister Pro

by Mixmeister

An audio mixing tool for amateur or professional recording artists

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mixmeister

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Last revision: Last week

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MixMeister Pro is an innovative music mixing software that allows users to create professionally made music mixes for shows, events, and even casual listening. From a professional standpoint, the program really is solid. A number of popular DJ's used the program to mix the latest trending songs together for special events and parties. Any aspiring DJ or electronic artist will really enjoy all the benefits the program has to offer. One of its best features for professionals is the fact you can catalog your work in the program for easy searching and playing.


  • Free Shareware
  • Edit Music
  • Create Video Presentations
  • Built-in Catalog

From a personal standpoint, the program is fantastic for casual mixing and hobbyists. I think we've all heard a couple of our favorite songs mixed together seamlessly. Now, we can recreate these awesome songs with MixMeister Pro with minimum effort and time. Speaking of effort, let's talk about the interface. When you first open up MixMeister Pro you might have a small learning curve if you have never mixed music before. However, if you do have some experience with any audio mixing software you will pick this up a lot easier than a total beginner.

The biggest boon you will have from this program is the fact that it is currently free to use. That's right, no timed trial or catches. You can outright download the program completely free of charge. I think the main reason is that the program has been officially been discontinued. That means that high $329 price tag is eliminated, and you can give the program a full overview for yourself. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can do with this incredible program. If you have any kind of musical interest, then you will find MixMeister Pro to be a great tool for you.

Create professional sounding music mixes in three easy steps.
Camille Morris
This product appeals to a range of interest in music mixing, from the more casual layperson interested in mixing their playlists to the professional DJ. MixMeister allows people to edit music, share it with others, and even create videos. This product is free so if you are curious about enhancing your music experience, check it out.
This product allows for burning CDs and making mixes of music. It seems as though it works really great for that purpose. I would use it if I was a DJ or even if I wasn't and I wanted to try to make music. Overall, I love that this features many options for making music and believe that it is very useful.
Mason Applegate
Many DJ's enjoy using the MixMeister Studio Pro. The application is supported via Windows 7 or higher, and let you have a better ability to explore and expand your creativity. I will recommend this product for anyone that is pursuing being a DJ or interested with configuring a mix with a similar workflow to a digital audio workstation (you can mix up to eight songs at the same time and sync them to your device to have the ultimate party mixer).
MixMeister Pro for Windows is an awesome audio mixing tool that can be used by beginner musicians and professional musicians alike. Whether or not you rarely or frequently perform, you can use the MixMeister Pro to mix your own audio files. You can also make your own DJ performances. And if you've ever wanted to make your own webcast, you can use this tool to do that too.
MixMeister Pro is a tool that will help you mix music like a professional. Even if you're just mixing music for a casual night of fun with friends, it's handy to have since you can archive your work. This archiving functionality makes it really easy to find the music you mixed later for playback. And, it also allows you the ability to mix the songs that are most popular.
I've enjoyed using MixMeister for windows, it's a great little DJ sequencer that allows for a lot of creativity to produce good unique mixes. The time stretching it uses is quite good compared to other software that I have tried. Its price seems fair and I would probably recommend it to any other producers interested in finding software for this type of thing.
Great piece of DJ software, I must say! MixMeister is really useful for anyone who, like me, enjoys making music as a hobby. You could probably even use it at a huge party! Love that you can select tracks according to their key to harmonizing audio. And the entire software package is honestly just really easy to use and get started with. I'd recommend it highly.
MixMeister Pro for Windows is professional-grade software for mixing music. It allows me to create mixes for shows that I put on. It's easy to use. I got great results from it. It has a built-in catalog. I can use it to make presentations, mixtapes and edit music. The best part of all of this is that it's completely free. I am so happy I found this. I will continue using it and making killer music.
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