by JetBrains

An cross-platform integrated development environment software for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JetBrains

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you are writing in PHP, you just need an editor to help you do the job quickly and efficiently. PhpStorm is a great solution that combines convenience and efficiency. The program was developed by JetBrains, which used IntelliJ IDEA as a platform for the future editor. It is written in Java, which allows you to install various plugins that are made for the IntelliJ platform, or connect your own.

The program itself is a highly intelligent and convenient code editor with built-in syntax highlighting. The utility has an on-the-fly error check function, which saves you time. The editor analyzes the code while it is being written and notifies the user about the errors made. Also very useful tips that can help you to quickly understand the problems that arise. PhpStorm supports PHP, javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, YAML. That is, everything that can be useful for you when writing sites, is in this program. The program has a good and clear interface, which is similar to all modern interfaces of IDE editors. Also, PhpStorm has a high performance, which can not but please users. External folders can be connected. This is useful when you have a lot of projects in which the scripted codes or framework can be repeated. A class search function is available.

This and much more can be found in PhpStorm editor, which will be a great helper for any coder.

- a graphical interface similar to all IDEs;

- to check the correctness of the code "on the fly";

- an advanced hint system;

- support for the main languages needed for website development;

- high productivity.

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