by JetBrains

A fully-featured Python programming language IDE for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JetBrains

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PyCharm from JetBrains inc is an integrated development environment for Python. A full set of tools allows you to analyze the code, launch a graphical debugger and unit tests. In addition, IDE provides an opportunity for professional creation of web pages on Django. PyCharm is an advanced development environment focused on improving programmer productivity by reducing code writing time.

The program interface is simple. The desktop consists of two panels. The larger one is reserved for code editing, the smaller one displays the directories currently being worked on. Quick access panel includes the most necessary and frequently used actions: saving progress, copying, pasting, updating. The latest versions of the program have the following improvements: intelligent code editor, convenient navigation and code search, editing and debugging of Django templates, support for Google App Engine, syntax highlighting, editing JavaScript and CoffeeScript.

- is a full-featured environment for writing code with a lot of necessary tools;

- performs code analysis with the possibility of highlighting syntax and errors;

- allows you to easily navigate in the file structure of the project, quickly switch between classes and methods;

- is doing refactoring;

- has built-in tools for unit testing;

- is cross-platform.

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