by Sensalgo Soft

It's a web scraping tool that extracts structured data from HTML pages into .csv files or Access databases

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sensalgo Soft

Release : Scrapper 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Scrapper is a Web Scraping application. It's a powerful software mainly used to gather and retrieve data from HTML pages on the web. It works by searching for text simply tagged in html on a page and extracting the structured data it finds. The results are typically in the form of small text passages.

The Scrapper application is able to analyze a page from top to bottom just once to find all repeating formatted texts, which it stores for later use. The search is case sensitive, meaning the application distinguishes between upper and lower case in the search terms. As for HTML tags, they are always in lowercase. Therefore, if you're searching for html, be sure to do it in lowercase.

  • Extraction of structured data: Scrapper is capable of efficiently extracting all sorts of structured data present on a web page.
  • Case sensitive search: Scrapper distinguishes between upper and lower case terms when searching for data.
  • Data storage: Scrapper can store the extracted data in a .csv text file or in an Access 2007 database.
  • Extraction of recurring text: Scrapper is capable of finding all formatted texts that appear regularly on a web page.

Please note that the Scrapper application confines its search to contents between the body and /body tags. You can experiment with Scrapper's search function by using the search examples provided in its search window. The software is simplistic, yet remarkably efficient in its field. It's designed to facilitate data extraction on the web, making it a valuable tool for researchers, data analysts, and anyone who needs to quickly and efficiently gather information from HTML pages.

Scrapper efficiently extracts and organizes structured data from web pages, simplifying data collection for research and analysis.
1. Must support efficient extraction of structured data from web pages.
2. Must distinguish between upper and lower case during search.
3. Must store extracted data as .csv text file or Access 2007 database.

Efficient extraction of structured data from web pages.
Distinguishes between upper and lower case in search terms.
Stores extracted data in .csv files or Access 2007 database.

Sensitive to case differences in search terms.
It only extracts recurring formatted text.
Limited data storage options (.csv, Access 2007).
An application for instant, full-text cloud document search and digital library management.