Sparkol VideoScribe

by Sparkol Limited

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sparkol Limited

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91938

Sparkol VideoScribe is an application that allows you to create short animated videos that will look great as an introduction to the video, or as a very stylish and original presentation. The main advantage of the program is that it does not require any special knowledge from the user, and the work on the project takes place in several simple steps. First, you are asked to select and add images and diagrams to the project. They can be taken from the Sparkol VideoScribe library or downloaded from the network. If you are planning several scenes in your video, add an image for each of them. Next, you need to choose the sound design for the clip. You can use your own music as well as the melodies provided by the program. If desired, the third step is to add text to the scenes, you can arrange it in the form of dialog boxes.

Once you've finished creating the scenes for the future clip, you can preview how it will look and choose how it will appear on the screen. The most interesting effect is the drawing of scenes by hand with a marker. It looks very stylish and funny. Looks like a talented artist is drawing your presentation. Videos created in Sparkol VideoScribe look much more fun than boring slides in PowerPoint presentations, and it looks especially spectacular with funny music. As we have already said before, this program can also be used to create an interesting introduction to the usual video.

- allows you to create static images that will appear as if they were painted by an artist;

- is perfect for making presentations and introductions to videos;

- allows you to add text and music to your clips;

- offers a large library of pictures and music;

- doesn't require any special knowledge for the job.

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