by TeaTV

Provides the user with thousands of streamed movies right to their computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TeaTV

Release: TeaTV 1.5.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TeaTV has an extensive movie catalog for you to choose from so that you can spend your time watching whatever you want. The movies can be selected based on genre, or you can simply search for movie titles by using the search bar feature. Rest assured that you will be able to find what you are looking for! Not only is the movie selection extensive, but it also boasts one of the most user-friendly applications available on the Windows Platform. The embedded video player is elementary to use, and you are in full control of the movie with a full array of playback controls. Furthermore, each title is offered in full HD so you can view your videos with the best picture quality available. 

The movie selection for TeaTV will appeal to all movie enthusiasts. It includes virtually every genre from Sci-Fi to Western, and it has an especially right choice for Anime fans. In fact, there is even a separate section for Anime Films. One of the highlights of this streaming service is that you can also watch movies offline. That's right, all you have to do is download the video to your device, and you can enjoy the film later offline. Or if you want to save it for later, you can bookmark the film which will allow you to find it next time to enjoy them. 

The most significant appeal for this service is the cost-it is free! Stop paying through the roof to watch and stream movies in HD quality, just download this software to your Windows device, and you will have all the videos you could watch right at your fingertips! 

TeaTV is the most user-friendly streaming service available on the Windows platform.

  • Stream movies for free without any ADS
  • Bookmark movies to watch later or download movies to watch offline
  • Enjoy videos in HD quality
  • Look for movies by genre or search for them with the integrated search feature

If you are looking for a fantastic, free streaming service to stream and download movies on your Windows device, then look no further than TeaTV. It will provide you with everything needed to watch HD movies at no cost to you!

The best feature about Tea TV is that you have control over playback settings and the search is simplified, so you can find what you want quick and easy. Also, being to watch great movies in HD for free and without ads it is a plus. Totally recommend it!
Bill Stellar
TeaTV is a cleverly devised streaming application that allows one to stream their desired TV shows, movies, and even anime from the comfort of their own home. It has many features that make it one of the most used streaming software, and I will describe these features briefly to give you a sense of what service this software offers. ** A modernized look to video streaming It has a state of the art user interface, that is beautiful and how the buttons, menus, and other icons are arranged is convenient. The different types of shows are all arranged in their own sections for easier access. Also, if one does not remember the title of a film, they can search to find it by year, popularity, genre, or keywords. This is very convenient! ** One can download films to watch later Those people with poor internet connections can utilize TeaTV to download their favorite shows. This enables one to experience full HD videos even when there ISP is down. Also, you can attach shows to a watchlist, so that when ready you can watch later. Also, One can utilize this software to view subtitles of shows with different languages (if readily available). ** Frequently updated and has a huge database of shows As early as a new film offers an online release or new episodes of an Anime or TV series, this application will swiftly provide it. The application keeps a record of your watch history if you would like to rewatch a show, you can! The device used to stream this service need to have high-speed internet to stream high-quality videos, this application is primarily used on android 7.0 or above phones, that has 2GB of RAM at least and it can be streamed from windows computers of specific requirements. It is a great streaming service that requires modern technology to stream your favorites.
TeaTV has the most recent movies, that I may add are free, and also has the HD1080 and the HD720 add-ons available for free as well. This is all 100% free, and in my opinion, the best part is, there is no login required. You can simply use your login for whatever device you are streaming on. You can pick your movies based on a specific genre you want to watch, or you can always search for a specific movie as well. The best part of this streaming app is, you can download your movies, and then watch them, once you are offline. So simply download them to a computer or a tablet, and get on an airplane, and you have the movie right there in your pocket to watch, and again, it's all free.
Logan Nolte
the software adversities to support so many genres including everything from animation, sci-fi, and fantasy to family, sport, and western.
TeaTV for Windows is a fantastic software. I love it simply because for one, it is very basic and simple to use. I could stream and watch unlimited movies online or just download the movies, music and other shows for later viewing. the quality of download of this software is out of this world. Best of it all is its free with no hidden charges
Tea tv is an interesting and entertaining app for users. It gives the tv channels and some movies in high quality and also live streaming is available for the users. This has a good UI/UX design. That is a simple user interface. The software provides a download option there. This main advantage is can stream a video or movies without playing or showing any ads.
TeaTv for windows is a great software that offer the users with a great platform to stream a large collection of movies and television shows for free in high quality. The user interface is smooth and flawless with a touch of genius. Overall it is an amazing software
The TeaTV helps to download and play multimedia files. and it was used to stream them on our computer to watch movies, TV series, anime, and other types of multimedia. it well as download them straight to our PC so that we can watch them any time we want. You can also search the library of movies and shows you can download easily. we can also search the library of movies and shows we can download easily.
The Tea Tv app is just some watered down streaming app trying to keep up. It is truly a simple to us and install and is ad free. That's something I think we all had is a solid streaming app. It has a great catalog of shows and movies that I certainly take advantage of whenever I am on the computer at work, at home relaxing, or on the go with my children.
Teatv is software used to watch multimedia files . Downloading multimedia files are also available in this software after downloading these can be streamed in our system. This software is one of the best software for streaming movies series or any type of multimedia-related files can be watched through teatv. Favorite tv shows are available in you finger point after downloading the teatv software. The latest version of teatv is 1.5.0.liscense of this software is for free. This software is supported in operating system such as windows 10, windows 8, windows7.Overall this software can provide best watching experience .
TeaTV is a popular app which streams a huge number of movies and TV shows for free. TeaTV on Windows devices by using the Android Mobiles/Tablets you can access TeaTV on Windows devices using the Android emulators. Since the application is ad-free, you can watch your favorite media without any interruption.
TeaTv is a software that used to stream thousands of videos. It has a built-in player Manage full-screen display and audio. Watch later favorite videos with a download option without a net connection. Supports so many genres including animation, fantasy, etc,,,. No advertisements available. Search with sort options. You can add to favorites. No hidden charges, no subscription fess.
Download shows and movies to watch your favorites but only seems to be for Androids so those of us in the Apple universe are left out for now.
It is software that is used to access the various thousand movies in a streamed version. It also helps to download the media files in the computer and later you can be streamed within it. This advantage has the better benefits of what they can be seen anywhere in the laptop or the computer at any time with all the safe and secured measurements.
The TeaTv for windows makes all the movies with any genre into one catalog. It also includes the search engine, It will provide the searching of particular movies .The player of the TeaTv is only the basic . It includes the all genre and animation . In the special edition they decided to include the separated genre for animes. In the application you can watch your favorite things in one simple click , then if you want to watch it online there have the download option also.
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