by UltraReach Internet Corp.

A service for Windows that can be used to get around internet censorship

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: UltraReach Internet Corp.

Release: UltraSurf 19.02

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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UltraSurf was created with the Chinese population in mind, where a good portion of the internet is restricted across the country. UltraSoft enables users to circumnavigate those restrictions without being caught. 

UltraSurf is not a VPN service. It doesn't encrypt your data, but it still does document your logs more so than any VPN services.  In addition, it has been reported that UltraReach is way too comfortable selling its customer's information to the government, which just defeats the whole purpose of the product. However, they claim they store this data to monitor how they are performing in their business group. And despite being created to get around censorship issues, there are quite a few pornographic and other adult sites people are still unable to view. 

For a free service, the speed tests performed extremely well from UltraSoft, which ran at an only slightly lower speed when compared to higher-end services.  This is nice when compared to how much VPNs can slow down your internet connection.  UltrSoft doesn't entirely work as a VPN, although as the system changes both the user's IP and DNS server addresses, it does inform the user where the system is transmitting all over the world.  Overall, if you live in a country where the government puts caps and restrictions on the citizen's internet services, UltraReach is an amazing means to work around such limitations at no cost to the user. While the program is very fast when compared to the cost of service, it isn't appropriate for downloading full movies, albums, or any torrenting files. And as mentioned, some cites are still unavailable. So if you are looking for full access to everything and something that can accommodate larger files, a paid VPN service may be right for you. But if you are just working with necessary data and websites that are still restricted from the public, then UltraSoft may be right for you. 

A free service easy to download that helps people in countries with internet restrictions to get around them

  • A free service
  • Easy to use
  • No installation required
  • Automatic server selection
  • Very high speed
UltraSurf 12.01 (1.31 MB)
UltraSurf 14.04 (1.96 MB)
UltraSurf 15.04 (2.06 MB)
UltraSurf 16.01 (2.42 MB)
UltraSurf 16.02 (2.41 MB)
UltraSurf 16.03 (2.45 MB)
UltraSurf 17.04 (2.95 MB)
UltraSurf 18.01 (3.35 MB)
UltraSurf 18.04 (3.44 MB)
UltraSurf 19.02 (3.43 MB)
UltraSurf is a software program that was basically meant to help internet users and other browsing servers in harshly restricted areas like the security databases. But for nowadays it has been replaced with the VPN software applications. Its nowadays used across the networks to access the unlawful boundaries
This software acts as a layer of security for my web browsing. With the ever growing concern of cyber attacks and hacking, this is an important security measure that many should not overlook. This software allows me to hide my IP address, search history, and encrypt certain forms of communication. I first learned about this software from several friends in China, and I can see why they use it. If you want added anonymity to your web browsing, give this software a try.
Ultrasurf for Windows is a free circumvention tool that allows users to bypass internet censorship, encrypt online communications, hide your IP address and is super easy to use. This software has millions of free users each month from over 180 countries and it serves hundreds of millions of pages every day. This software is completely free and it is very popular in oppressive regimes like Iran and China where Internet censorship is lawful and ubiquitous. So don’t waste your money on some paid service that does not work but instead choose Ultrasurf for all your web surfing needs!
Ultrasurf is a service which is used for web surfing purpose and it is created for the users of Windows PC and android users. It is also used by IOS users too. Its a closed source proxy tool available for windows, android and chrome browsers free of charge. And it is purely user friendly module. While we go with ultra surf we may get our results what we look for. By reviewing this ultrasurf it is more useful and worth buy product
UltraSurf has the ability to access websites blocked by the government and it boost security on public Wi-Fi networks by hiding our IP address. It protects our privacy online, it has strong security features by protecting end-to-end encryption to protect our data from third parties.
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