by VixenLights

A free tool for planning and synchronizing light shows with audio files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VixenLights

Antivirus check: passed

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Vixen is a popular and widely used software for planning and synchronizing light shows, primarily for festivals and holiday seasons. This free software is specifically designed to create stunning light sequences that are synchronized with music or other types of audio files. Vixen offers the ability to control a wide range of lighting devices, be they analog or digital, using various lighting protocols which makes its use exceptionally versatile.

Vixen software features a variety of functionalities to create customized and impressive light sequences. Vixen's intuitive graphic interface facilitates the creation and manipulation of light sequences, enabling users to create breathtaking light shows with minimal effort.

  • Powerful sequencer: Vixen has an advanced sequencer that allows programming of lights to turn on and off according to the music or any audio file.
  • Broad compatibility: Vixen is compatible with a wide range of audio files, including MP3, WAV, and OGG formats.
  • Control of various lighting devices: The software can control a diverse range of lighting devices, whether analog or digital.
  • Intuitive graphical interface: Vixen's user interface is easy to understand and use, making the creation of light shows a straightforward task.

Vixen also offers a number of advanced features for more experienced users. For instance, it has a scripting feature that allows users to create custom scripts to control their light show. Additionally, Vixen supports the plugin function, which means users can add extra features to the software by installing third-party plugins.

Vixen software significantly simplifies the creation of synchronized, customized light shows for any occasion.

In summary, Vixen is a powerful and versatile tool for creating light shows. Whether you are a lighting professional or a hobbyist who wants to brighten up your home during the holidays, Vixen has something to offer everyone.

Operating system: Windows 7 or later
Minimum 1 GHz processor
Minimum 1 GB RAM
At least 100 MB free disk space

Offers wide range of compatibility with various lighting devices.
Advanced sequencing feature creates customized light sequences.
Intuitive interface allows straightforward show creation.

Interface may be complex for beginners.
Limited customer support.
No mobile application available.
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