IPVanish VPN

by IPVanish

Surf the internet safely by making sure your IP address cannot be tracked.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IPVanish

Release: IPVanish VPN

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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IPVanish VPN for Windows is an application that disguises your IP address while keeping all of your online activity safe. Not only does it help keep your online traffic safe, but it also helps maintain your online presence while keeping your information secured. If you are using public wifi, this application also helps prevent anyone from infringing on your browsing, so you can feel confident using public wifi anywhere, anytime. IPVanish also gives you access to censored apps and websites and is user friendly for all of your devices. 

Another great feature of IPVanish is that you have the ability to encrypt data backup for all of your computers, laptops, and mobiles, as well as providing you with secure file management to protect your data in the unfortunate chance of loss or theft! An important feature of this app is how easy it is to install and begin your journey to a more secure internet presence. IPVanish also maintains a good server network across 50 countries, so you can maintain your safe connection from more than just home while upholding its' impressive speeds. For as much is going on in the world, I think it is important to keep your identity and private information exactly that-private! This app really just makes keep your mind at ease across all of your devices while using the internet. You feel protected and comfortable, which is what we all need in our current world. 

If you have not already invested in an application to protect your IP address, this is the best place to start, especially coming from someone who is not the most computer savvy. I was very happy with the use of this product, and the low cost of using it. I have felt better preservation of my personal and confidential information while not having to sacrifice the convenience of using my internet whenever I need it, like for my online shopping. It also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if for some reason you are unsatisfied with this product, which makes me feel more comfortable knowing that they are trying to help me keep my information safe rather than just taking my money

Hides my IP Address, making my online activity safer and more secure for me.

  • There are 3 payment options: monthly, per 3 months, and yearly, which is the best deal. 
  • Keeps your online activity safe.
  • 24/7 Customer support through several different platforms to keep you at ease.
  • Maintains your information and internet safety
  • Ability to secure any device you own (desktop, laptop, tablets, phones, etc) 
  • Access to Bing, Facebook, Google, Gmail, Kodi, Skype, Spotify, Sling, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Youtube
  • There are apps for every device, Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Amazon, Linux, Google Chrome, and routers
The best thing about IPVanish VPN for Windows is that it doesn't keep log. The privacy protection is amazing. There's no log so there's no record of my connection and browsing history. It offers fast speeds. Its the VPN app for Firestick and Kodi. If you are into torrenting like I am, you can do so anonymously using this VPN. It's how I feel like I can hide in plain sight. Go about yourself and it's nobody's business. That's right. I said it.
I'm located in the states and sometimes I want to see manga from japaneses sites -- and you know usually they are "japanese ips only". How can I pretend I'm in Japan? IPVanish VPN helped me out. It has a 30-day money back guarantee (ok I think no one would do that because you would want to use it forever!). It is faster than any other VPN that I have used before because the bandwidth is only for you!
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