Cheat Engine
A popular software which gives tricks and cheats for all of the most popular video games
Timer Resolution
A utility program that is designed to increase your computer FPS perfromance
MX player for Windows
MX Player for Windows is a free popular app, featuring an advantage to play any audio and video file formats.
Microsoft Encarta
An electronic encyclopedia that allows you to look up nearly anything!
Allows you to play games with game pads from a variety of manufacturers
FL Studio
Digital audio workstation which has a graphical user interface
NeoGeo emulator that enables players to play popular old games
A high-quality Android emulator for various apps and games
Software for windows and mobile platform
Software that helps you create a bootable USV drive
A torrenting software for videos that allows you to play them on your browser
File Sharing that lets you send your content at lightning speed between devices
Kodi Portable
A mobile version of a top rated media center for Windows computers
aTube Catcher
A video downloader and converter software used to download videos from the internet to your computer
Useful, simple desktop composition software compatible with MIDI and all major Digital Audio software
A fun memory-based tile-matching game featuring multiple levels and global score sharing.
PDF to Text Python
Converts PDF files to text using Python, while providing navigation and analysis functionalities
JavaScript PDF Generator
An intuitive tool for creating, populating, and styling dynamic PDF documents using JavaScript.
Python PDF Library
An efficient tool for developers to generate, modify, and manipulate PDF documents with Python.
Python PDF to Image
Enables developers to effortlessly convert PDF files to images using Python APIs
Python Create PDF
A tool that enables developers to effortlessly generate and customize interactive PDFs using Python.
Power Notes
An easy-to-use desktop organizer with reminders, scheduler, and customizable electronic stickers for Windows.
A utility for Mac OS X visually displaying disk usage with customizable tree maps
Caps Lock Indicator
It's a tool providing visible and auditory notifications for your Caps Lock status.