VPN reviews and ratings

Last updated: 2024-07-22

What is a VPN? Should you use it? Let's find out.

VPN (a Virtual Private Network) is like your VIP secret tunnel on the Internet. It keeps your online actions secure and private (especially when you're using public Wi-Fi)). Using a VPN is like having a super secure layer on the Internet.

Things you can do with a VPN:

  • Maintain privacy: Hide your steps on the Internet, keeping your browsing only for you.
  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks: It's like having a bodyguard for your data!
  • Watch shows from anywhere: Do you like TV shows and movies? VPNs help you access content from all over the world.
  • Shop and Bank Safely: Extra security when you shop or bank online? Of course!

Do you really need a VPN service?

In short, of course! When you're using airport Wi-Fi, working in a coffee shop, or just reading news at home, a VPN keeps you secure and private. It's not just for tech geeks: anyone who values their privacy online can benefit from it.

Why not give it a try and enjoy a worry-free online experience?

How can a VPN keep you safe and private?

  • Your secret identity on the Internet: Think of a VPN as your online disguise. VPNs help you hide your actual IP address (IP is like your address or phone number on the Internet). With a VPN, no one knows where you are located or what you are currently doing on the Internet. It's very important, right?
  • Your data is now safe: When you use a VPN service, your data is encrypted with super-strong encryption. It's like locking your personal information in a safe while it goes over the Internet. Even if someone tries to spy, all they will see is gibberish.
  • No more snooping: Do you sometimes use Wi-Fi internet access in cafes or airports? Without a VPN, it's like having a conversation where anyone can listen. But when you use a VPN, you're speaking a secret language only you understand. Goodbye to the gossip.
  • Private browsing: Not even your Internet provider can track what you do. So binge that new series, or look for surprise party ideas – it's your little secret.
  • Access the world privately: Do you like to watch series from other countries? A VPN allows you to travel virtually without leaving the couch. And the best? You can do it covertly.
Position VPN Min.price/month Device/licence Mobile apps Countries Servers
1 NordVPN 3.33 6 YES 60 5900+ Review
2 ExpressVPN 6.67 8 YES 105 3000+ Review
3 CyberGhost VPN 2.03 7 YES 100 10649+ Review
4 Surfshark 1.99 100 YES 100 3200+ Review
5 IPVanish VPN 2.99 100 YES 75 2200+ Review
6 Bitdefender VPN 2.92 10 YES 50 4000+ Review
7 PureVPN 1.97 10 YES 78 6500+ Review
8 Atlas VPN 1.70 100 YES 48 1000+ Review
9 AVG Secure 4.39 10 YES 37 700+ Review
10 hide.me VPN 2.59 5 YES 87 2300+ Review
11 NordLayer VPN 8.00 6 YES 33 1100+ Review
12 Avast SecureLine VPN 4.39 10 YES 55 700+ Review
13 PandaVPN 2.49 3 YES 80 3000+ Review
14 Unlocator VPN 4.99 5 YES 39 43+ Review
15 Norton Secure VPN 2.41 10 YES 29 1500+ Review
16 VyprVPN 5.00 5 YES 70 700+ Review
17 TunnelBear VPN 3.33 100 YES 47 3000+ Review
18 Avira Phantom VPN 5.95 5 YES 37 1400+ Review
19 AdGuard VPN 2.40 10 YES 65 100+ Review
20 VPN Unlimited 5.00 5 YES 80 3000+ Review
21 Ivacy VPN 1.00 10 YES 100 5700+ Review
22 Mullvad VPN 5.51 5 YES 40 660+ Review
23 Private Internet Access 1.98 10 YES 91 35500+ Review
24 Browsec 1.99 5 YES 43 800+ Review
25 F-Secure Freedome 3.75 5 YES 23 28+ Review
26 Warp by Cloudflare 0.00 100 YES 100 300+ Review
27 TorGuard 1.94 12 YES 50 3000+ Review
28 Free Unlimited VPN Proxy - The Internet Freedom VPN 2.08 1 YES 21 50+ Review
29 Goose VPN 4.99 5 YES 30 100+ Review
30 PrivateVPN 2.00 10 YES 63 200+ Review
31 Total VPN 1.59 3 YES 30 50+ Review
32 Proton VPN 4.99 10 YES 70 3000+ Review
33 PrivadoVPN 1.11 10 YES 45 450+ Review
34 SurfEasy VPN 2.49 5 YES 31 2000+ Review
35 Hotspot Shield 2.99 10 YES 80 1800+ Review
36 Betternet 7.99 10 YES 80 1800+ Review
37 HMA VPN 2.99 10 YES 290 1100+ Review
38 Le VPN 2.22 5 YES 114 800+ Review
39 FastestVPN 1.66 10 YES 49 800+ Review
40 X-VPN 4.79 5 YES 60 8000+ Review
41 ZoogVPN 1.99 100 YES 26 61+ Review
42 VeePN 1.67 10 YES 60 2500+ Review
43 Windscribe VPN 3.00 100 YES 62 500+ Review
44 FlyVPN 4.96 5 YES 40 1540+ Review
45 Seed4me VPN 2.99 100 YES 30 200+ Review
46 StrongVPN 3.97 12 YES 46 950+ Review
47 SwitchVPN 3.99 6 YES 43 250+ Review
48 TikVPN 2.49 5 YES 70 2500+ Review
49 Turbo VPN 4.17 5 YES 50 21000+ Review
50 Hola VPN 2.99 10 YES 196 1000+ Review

Why is NordVPN simply the best?

A short answer: NordVPN is a fast, easy-to-use, and secure VPN service. Are you a traveler, a businessman, a privacy-conscious person, or just someone who loves watching different content (movies? or music?) from around the world? NordVPN can definetely be your unique and easy-to-use online security tool.

  • Speed and security: One of the most essential things about NordVPN is that it perfectly balances superfast speed and foolproof security. When you're watching streams, downloading something, or just browsing, NordVPN ensures everything runs smoothly. At the same time, it protects your data!
  • Global access, local convenience: With 5900+ servers in 60 countries, NordVPN is like a magic carpet for the web, allowing you to access content worldwide. Watching movies or TV shows from other countries is so easy now!
  • Privacy first: NordVPN takes your privacy seriously. Their no-logs policy (meaning that they do not track you themselves) ensures that your online activities are yours alone. There's no need to watch what you do: it's their promise.
  • High-end encryption: This VPN service supports the same encryption standard as the US government and army. When you use a VPN, you can be 100% sure your data is secure.
  • Easy to use: You don't need to be a tech genius to use NordVPN. Its easy-to-use interface makes protecting your online privacy as easy as a click. Getting connected is a piece of cake whether you're using your phone, tablet, or computer.

NordVPN may be your best option if you're looking to improve your web privacy quickly and easily!

Are you trying to choose a VPN service? Feeling overwhelmed by all the available options?
You definitely don't have to be an expert or a computer geek to choose the right VPN.

We created a short checklist to help you make the perfect choice for your daily internet needs.

1. Understand how you will use the VPN:

  • To watch movies, TV shows, or music shows? Look for VPNs that can access many streaming services.
  • For privacy needs? Check VPNs with solid encryption and no-logging policies.
  • For speed? Look for VPNs known for the speed of their servers.

2. Get the best price (but do not forget about features).

Although free VPNs can be tempting, remember that you often get what you pay for in terms of security and features. Compare VPN service prices, check the features and limitations (for example, is traffic unlimited or not?), and see if the features justify the cost.

2. Check device compatibility.

Check that the VPN is compatible with all the devices you have. Some VPNs work with Windows but not with your smartphone or gaming console.

3. Look for a straightforward interface.

You are not a senior IT engineer, right? Then, a VPN with a simple and easy-to-use interface will be your best choice.

4. Check the quality of customer service.

Believe us - good customer service can be very important, especially if you're new to VPNs.

6. Read other user opinions and recommendations.

See what other users say. A VPN that works great for someone may not be the best one for you, so it's good to get various opinions.

7. Try it before buying.

Most VPN services offer free trials or money-backs. Use those options to test the VPN's performance and see if it meets your needs.

Whether you're streaming your favorite shows, protecting your online privacy, or simply browsing at lightning speed, there's a VPN to suit you!

Let's talk about free VPNs. The word "free" sounds great, right? Still, there may be more to it than just saving a few bucks.

Why free VPNs might not be your best option:

  • Privacy? Questionable: Some free VPNs have been caught tracking users' browsing habits and then selling that information. It's like inviting someone to keep an eye on you: it's not cool.
  • Security? It's not always top-notch: With free VPNs, sometimes the level of security is different from what you expect. Think of it like using a lock from the dollar store to secure your bike. It may seem safe, but is it really?
  • Speed and performance? Often slow: Have you ever tried streaming with a free VPN, and it buffers? Many free VPNs don't have the fastest connections. It's like being stuck in the slow lane when you're in a hurry.
  • Limited features and data: Free VPNs often come with restrictions like data caps or limited server options. It's like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and being told you can only eat salad.
  • Ads galore: To make money, many free VPNs include ads. And we're not just talking about a few ads; sometimes, it's an advertising apocalypse!
Free VPNs often have trade-offs regarding security, privacy, or performance. It's better to pay for a trusted VPN service if you take your online privacy seriously. It's like choosing between a rickety raft and a sturdy boat for an adventure at sea. Which one would you choose?

Is using a VPN is on the right side of the law? Well, let's clear up the confusion and dive into the world of VPN legality.

1. In short:

In most countries, VPNs are totally legal! There's nothing wrong with getting an extra layer of privacy.

2. But here's the trick:

Although VPNs are legal in many countries, what you do with them may not be. Of course, you can't use VPN services to cover up shady online activity and do bad things in general.

3. The gray areas of VPNs:

Some countries have stricter rules. Places like China, Russia, and Iran have strict controls on VPN use. Using a VPN in such countries is like walking a legal tightrope. But again, it's formally legal even there.

4. What you can do next:

- Check your local country laws: It's always a good idea to check your country's legal position on VPNs.
- Use VPNs for legal things only: VPN services are made for your privacy and security, not for breaking the law! Never do illegal things!

5. In summary:

VPNs are a fantastic tool for keeping your online activities private and secure. As long as you use them for legal purposes and know your country's VPN laws, you should have no problems.

Have you ever thought if your trusty VPN might hit a snag while traveling the world or browsing from home? It's a good question. The answer is - YES - some VPN services can be blocked in certain countries. Why does it happen, and what this means for you?

1. Why are VPNs blocked in some places and/or countries?

Government regulations: In some countries, the government wants to monitor Internet usage closely. VPNs make it difficult to control online activities, so they sometimes block access to VPN services.

Geographic restrictions: Some websites and services only want to be accessible in certain areas. They can block VPNs to prevent people from other regions from accessing their content. Streaming services are very known for this tactic.

2. Which countries usually block VPNs?

China, Russia, Iran, and some other countries are well-known for strict internet censorship and often block or restrict VPN services.

3. What can you do about it?

  • Research in advance. If you are traveling, check the overall VPN situation in your destination country before departing.
  • Use a special 'stealth' mode with your VPN. Some VPN services offer so-called "stealth" modes, which are much more complicated for governments and services to block.
  • Stay informed. The VPN situation may change. Stay updated with the latest news on VPN use in the countries you are going to.

While it's true that some countries block VPNs, you still have options. With some preparation and the right VPN, you can still enjoy the freedom and privacy VPNs offer.

A VPN service is your bodyguard in a world where almost everything is online and under potential risk.

It's not only about hiding what you read and what you watch. It's about protecting your personal information from hackers, scammers, and other bad guys. Money on your bank accounts, actually all your privacy - and all your virtual avatar - almost everything is under potential risk nowadays.

When you're shopping online, browsing social networks or websites, or checking your bank accounts, a VPN is always your ticket to a safer, private online life.

So, let's start using VPNs right now!

It is important to us that you will find the perfect VPN service for your needs.

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