by Privat Kommunikation AB.

A software that enables private network web browsing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Privat Kommunikation AB.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Before I was using PrivateVPN, I was always worried about accessing certain websites from my location. I felt vulnerable and worried about websites tracking my data and taking advantage of me. Luckily PrivateVPN has eased my mind thanks to its secure VPN servers. It does a great job of letting me connect to whatever region I want to and enables me to surf the web and access any webpage I want, all from my home. It has over 60 regions to choose from, so anything that would typically be locked behind a geographical region wall is now accessible. I use it a lot so that I can access different regional videos on YouTube and Netflix. It's widened my catalog of entertainment. The program is straightforward and easy to install and use. Other VPN software is slow and a pain to deal with, but PrivateVPN servers are high speed, so I don't have to sacrifice any time using it. They also have a really cool killswitch feature, which allows your internet to disconnect if the VPN server you are on becomes unavailable. This helps you avoid any sort of data breach or leak that you wouldn't want to get out into the public. 

I had some questions about PrivateVPN, and luckily they have a dedicated support team to help their customers with. None of their support is outsourced, so any representative you are dealing with knows how to help you properly. They also offer you a full 30-day refund guarantee if you don't like it, so you really have nothing to lose. One of the main reasons I chose PrivateVPN is due to how open and honest they seem about their product. It really reassured me of downloading their software. I've noticed PrivateVPN tries to go above and beyond to deliver a quality service to its users.

I love PrivateVPN and would reccomend you try it out if you want to feel safer while browsing the internet. In the world we live in today, there are a lot of sketchy people looking to take advantage of your personal info. I no longer have to always be in fear of a company trying to exploit me for my information. Thanks to PrivateVPN, my online data privacy is one thing less I have to worry about. 

Lets you surf the web privately and safely

  • Access regional restricted websites 
  • High-speed VPN options 
  • Over 60 different VPN servers to choose from
  • No Data logging 
  • Killswitch option 

Requires compatible copy of Windows in order to download and use. 

In the age of the internet, it important to be secure.PrivateVPN prevents me from being tracked which is important. I live in a country where some of my favorite websites are blocked by the government, this VPN allows me to unblock them for a low price
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