SurfEasy VPN

by SurfEasy

SurfEasy encrypts internet traffic in and out of the pc, protects privacy and online security

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SurfEasy

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SurfEasy VPN is a service that allows you to hide the real IP address, thus making your stay in the network anonymous. In today's realities, VPNs are often used to bypass regional restrictions. Virtual network is the most convenient and reliable way to get access to the necessary web resource. Unfortunately, there are very few free VPN services worthy of. If you want to get a really fast and stable connection to the service, you will have to pay for the subscription. The same goes for SurfEasy VPN. Of course, the service allocates a small amount of monthly traffic to unsubscribed users, but it is unlikely that this amount will be enough for any more or less active user of the network.

The program has a convenient control panel, which can be called up by double-clicking on the application icon in the notification panel. By the way, the fact that SurfEasy VPN is a "classic" program, not an extension for the browser, can be safely recorded in the benefits, because VPN connection may be necessary not only for a web browser, but also for many other applications that work with the network.

In the SurfEasy VPN control panel, you can select a server region, view a summary of the traffic consumed and see the available subscription plans. Connection and disconnection from the virtual network is done with the help of a convenient trigger located at the top of the screen. In general, the control panel of the program is very convenient. As for the prices for SurfEasy VPN services, they are quite moderate. Service can not be attributed to the cheapest or the most expensive.

- convenient control panel, called by clicking on the program icon in the notification panel;

- Compilation of statistics on used traffic;

- servers in Australia, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Romania, Poland, Singapore, Italy, Canada, France and other countries;

- provision of monthly free traffic volume;

- a few paid subscription plans to choose from;

- Quick connection to the server.

Complicated interface, works well enough hiding your IP or tricking programs into thinking you are in a different country. Would recommend since the pricing is good enough.
SurfEasy VPN for Windows is a high quality VPN that allows for you to surf the net privatley and this means that nobody can access your activity. This is more secure than just putting your browser in private mode as with this, the computer can still store things such as your bank account details and any other private details. With this VPN, I feel more safe when browsing online and I know that none of my private details will be stored. I think that this is a good app and if you want to be igcognito, this is the app to download.
Two words: cookies and logs. SurfEasy lets me use the internet without worrying about them collapsing and letting my data leak with them. With a no log policy and a sophisticated cookie-detector working to block cookie insertion onto my computer, I'm able to be certain that SurfEasy has my privacy in mind. These promises aren't something that many VPN providers can offer, and that's what got me interested in this VPN.
If you are a windows user, SurfEasy VPN gives you a way to keep your personal information safe and browse without the peering eyes of hackers and those that would use your personal, private information. One great feature is the ability to keep your location safe, so if you have children that browse the web, you prevent others from knowing their location. This gives peace of mind to parents of technologically savvy kids that might put their privacy at risk. This is a great option for all kinds of different users.
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