ASCII Art Generator

by ASCII Art Generator Inc

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ASCII Art Generator Inc

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.43797

ASCII Art Generator is an application that can easily and quickly convert any image into full-color or black-and-white beautiful text. You will be surprised how fun and easy it is to work in this program.

To create a text image you just need to take a photo or find the desired image you want to convert on your computer, then open it in the application, set the parameters and start the conversion process.

It is worth noting that the ASCII Art Generator program has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to use its basic features very easily.

And the uniqueness of this software is that the ASCII Art Generator makes it very easy to implement your almost any ideas in the field of graphic art.

With the help of this program you will be able to add to any e-mail message, blog, signature on the forum or on the wall in a social network, such as Vkontakte or FaceBook spectacular composition of characters and letters, which will create a unique picture.

The ASCII Art Generator program has a built-in visual editor, which will allow you to control the process of converting an image to text in real time. With its help you will be able to give your work individuality, adjusting the type of font, changing its size, adjusting the height of the line, etc. Of course, you can not only adjust the text during the conversion process, but also create text inscriptions from scratch. The ASCII Art Generator also allows you to convert simple words into large, spectacular inscriptions.

The program supports import of such popular image formats as bmp, jpg, gif. And after converting the photo, you can save it in a picture or in text formats such as html, rtf and ASCII.

Joseph (unverified)
I’m confused what this product is for and why I would want to use it. I wasn’t aware converting an image to text would be something people desired to do. It’s not something I would want or use. But i’m sure the software would work if this was something people would want.
William (unverified)
ASCII Art Generator is a graphics art-to-text solution, which allows to convert digital picture into full color text-based images. I see a promising feedback for this software. It is the only ASCII Generator on the internet that works well and output image looks good.
Oliver (unverified)
This program has been a great add-on to paint, because it allows me to export images in the ASCII format. The functionality of this program is simple, and I can adjust the image size and graphics to my needs. The images are high quality and I have no complaints about this program!
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