by Birdfont

A free font editor that allows you to export graphics.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Birdfont

Release: BirdFont 0.14

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product allows you to create and edit fonts as well as create vector graphic which can be exported to other programs.


  • This product is easy to use and to follow. There are not many complicated steps to follow for setup or use of the product.
  • The interface that is used is very convenient and functional.
  • The convenience of the interface allows users to begin working as soon as the program is launched by the user.
  • This program comes as a free program or users can choose to pay a donation to subscribe to the program for additional features. Some of these features include color fonts, OpenType SVG, OTF fonts, and OpenType CFF, and using the program for commercial use.
  • The program ranges in price from free to open source to commercial to plus each of which only cost an additional five US dollars in difference. 
  • Free and open source options cost the same amount the only difference being that open source allows for commercial use. The commercial option is 5 US dollars, and the plus option is 10 US dollars to purchase.
  • You can also choose to purchase the software on a donation basis and pay either more than the asking donation or less depending on the level of support you wish to give to the software developer. 

In conclusion, this software is not only easy to use it is convenient for those that require more of a range of fonts to use for everyday work or pleasure. It also allows for the exportation of graphics to other programs which is not something that most font programs or graphics programs will allow for so it makes this software a prime example of leading market technology and ideas. This program is diversified in its uses as well as its contents and would be effective and useful to any user.

This software works across all major operating systems.
BirdFont 0.14 (41.91 MB)
BirdFont 0.37 (15.1 MB)
BirdFont 0.40 (15.12 MB)
BirdFont 1.0 (40.68 MB)
BirdFont 1.3 (40.69 MB)
BirdFont 1.8 (39.25 MB)
BirdFont 2.0.1 (40.56 MB)
BirdFont 2.8.3 (42.96 MB)
BirdFont 2.11.2 (43.25 MB)
BirdFont 2.11.8 (33.74 MB)
BirdFont 2.14.0 (34.19 MB)
BirdFont 2.15.6 (34.95 MB)
BirdFont 2.16.2 (34.97 MB)
BirdFont 2.16.5 (34.97 MB)
BirdFont 2.16.9 (34.98 MB)
BirdFont 2.18.4 (35.18 MB)
BirdFont 3.4.9 (36.59 MB)
Gizem Zambezi
A font editor application will be very useful for journalists, writers, web designers and bloggers who use fonts daily and earn an income through it. They would appreciate the fact that they can export graphics through this app and the ability to change fonts daily, per article, will capture the attention of their viewers more than a classic font we are used to seeing each and every day. I do see this tool being used a lot in online media.
is a amazin software program with the capability for change the fonts of the text, have so much styles, more thant the conventional and so much funnies texts, have 2 plans the commercial and the plus, i think both options have a god price range.
This free app is essential for anyone looking to edit or create their own fonts in Windows. Installers and source code packages are freely available for all to use and are also free. This is ideal for the creation of vector graphics and the exportation of fonts in various formats. It can be used as a powerful PDF editor, among other things.
Alexander Grider
Birdfont is a free font editor which lets you create vector graphics and export TTF, OTF, EOT and SVG fonts. The editor has good support for both monochrome and color font formats. The editor is also written in vala and contains many codes. The lines of code offered are over ninety thousand which allows for endless font creations.
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A font editor for OS Mac and Windows