Cropper 2.2

by Brian Scott

Cropper is an image-editing tool that allows users to crop, resize, rotate, and flip images.

Cropper 2.2 is a screenshot utility software enabling users to capture specific areas of their computer screens. The program offers a customizable and movable window frame to define the area for capturing. It offers keyboard shortcuts for instant screen capturing, and the captures can be saved in several formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF or even sent directly to the clipboard. Additionally, it supports plug-ins to extend its functionality and also allows timed captures.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher : Brian Scott

Version: 2.2 (checksum)

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Cropper 1.1 (1.29 MB)
Cropper 1.9.0 (0.26 MB)
Cropper 2.2 (15.11 MB)