Dance Competition

by Ivan Kurchenko

A digital solution for managing and facilitating ballroom dance competitions effectively

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ivan Kurchenko

Release : Dance Competition 1.1

Antivirus check: passed

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The 'Dance Competition' software is a comprehensive digital tool designed to organize and manage ballroom dance competitions using the ice dance scoring system. This software is composed of three main parts: the main program for the course of the competition, the registry of dance couples, and the category and dance program configurator.

With this software, dance competition organizers can easily manage and oversee all aspects of the event, from registering dance pairs to determining the winners. It allows organizers to structure the flow of the competition, define competitor categories, and set up specific dance programs.

  • Dance Couples Registry: This feature allows organizers to manage and track the registration of dance couples participating in the competition.
  • Dance Programs: The software enables the creation and customization of dance programs for every category of competitors.
  • Competitor Categories: This feature allows the organizers to define the different competitor categories for the competition.
  • Competition Program: This function aids in outlining and organizing the sequence of events for the competition.
  • Judges Scoring: The software includes an integrated scoring system to collect and process scores from the judges for each dance pair.
  • Winners Determination: Thanks to the ice dance scoring system, the software can easily establish the competition winners.

Beyond this, 'Dance Competition' also provides additional useful features for competition management, such as couple number assignment and much more. Hence, this software proves to be an indispensable tool for anyone or any organization looking to organize a ballroom dance competition.

"Dance Competition" software streamlines the organization and management of a ballroom dance competition using a digital platform.
Supports ice dance scoring system.
Includes registry for dance couples.
Allows creation of custom dance programs.
Manages different competition categories.

Streamlines management of ballroom dance competitions.
Facilitates customization for competitor categories and dance programs.
Integrated scoring system simplifies winner determination.

Does not support live streaming of the competition.
Lacks a mobile application for easier access.
No integrated payment system for registration fees.