Exiland Backup Free

by Exiland Soft

A program that allows files to be backed up safely

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Exiland Soft

Release: Exiland Backup Free 5.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Exiland Backup is a program that allows users to safely and securely have a place where they can backup files they wish to keep. Exiland Backup helps users, especially in regards to those that may get infected, HDD loss, crashes, or corrupt storage devices, that would ordinarily take be impossible or near impossible to salvage by normal means. We as consumers are becoming ushered more and more into the digital age, and what comes with that is sentimentality and perseverance of those sentimental things.

Gone are the days in which physical storage is used over digital, especially so with all so many storage devices that contain millions of bytes of data. And with those days gone, programs like Exiland Backup step into play to ensure that our files are correctly and securely kept. Whether these files be heart-warming photo collections, funny or memorable videos, music, and even things like accounting data and other important business files are all able to be properly backed up to your favorite type of storage device of your choice. Exiland Backup is also a small, lightweight, but robust program offering consumers numerous ways to save their files, including notifications and scheduled backup times.

In addition to its a small size, it's quick with it's processing and even displays a detailed event log to ensure consumers that all and every last file is securely documented and kept. They are no more checking the folder to make sure when the event log and quickness of Exiland Backup comes into play. 

Prevents file loss in case of several different computer issues.

  • Exiland Backup creates full and differential backups and performs synchronization 
  • Exiland Backup allows local file copying from one computer within the network
  • Exiland Backup features FTP protocol support
  • Exiland Backup runs tasks on schedule
  • Exiland Backup provides on-screen notifications.

None, except probable requirement of Windows OS.

It is used to back up some files that have been unknowingly leaked. It is used by most of them whether it is academic or industrial. All businesses have this software downloaded to their computer. Without this software we would be very inconvenienced in the Windows.
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