Facebook Gameroom

by Facebook

Game room provided on facebook for winsdows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Facebook

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Facebook Gameroom - a universal platform, which presents a large number of exciting games of various genres. These include strategies, puzzles, shooters, RPGs, sports, table-top, casual and other types. Most of the games are either browser-based or adapted mobile projects.

The program uses your Facebook account to work and synchronize your personal information. As soon as you log in, you'll have access to a giant Toy Library and you'll be able to invite friends to share your favorite games.

The client interface is divided into 2 parts. On the left is the navigation column. It includes a search string, 3 main sections and a set of "My Games", in which by default there are applications that were previously run in the program or in the social network. In the "Categories" section we have selected a collection of games by genre and type. On the right is the main game window or preview of applications from the library. In the upper corner there is a button for displaying notifications. It can also be used to disable system notifications.

When you start a game, a large window opens, which in most cases contains options to open the full screen mode, call help, go to the official page of the project and display the list of available servers (for network games). A little above are the buttons to save the game link (left) and zoom in on the main screen (right). To close the application, you can press the "Home" key in the left corner. Payment and all payments are displayed in a separate section in the gamer's profile settings.

Facebook Gameroom can be considered a simplified version of the social network client, where only games are available, without any superfluous superstructures and elements. The program will be suitable primarily for those who are looking for a pleasant shell to run the most popular "browsers": Clash of Kings, Hay Day, Avatar, FarmVille 2, Township and others.

- A system of smart hints will help you to quickly get acquainted with the functionality of the program;

- Possibility to watch streaming and broadcasts of various games, which are presented on the site;

- Quickly add your Facebook friends to your games.

I spend a lot of time at the airport just counting the minutes until my next flight. I love having hundereds of games at my fingertips, I can just log on to facebook (where i spend a lot of time any way) and play games with friends.
Stop playing around and start gaming the right way with this wonderful platform. Every game type is represented and they all play great because this is a dedicated interface that's not trying to do other things; it just plays your games without problems! So you're the winner, for sure!
I like that this website can be used on several different platforms. It is useful for many reasons. I like the colors on the site, and I also like how easy it seems to be to navigate. I like how it gives an explanation on each use, which makes decisions easier.
this is a way of gaming service that works in all operating system. It allows participants to compete for high scores, it can also be prayed online whereby participants connect to play.the app can be downloaded free from the microsoft makertplace online store. the place where it will be prayed for can be decorated several themes be provided also.
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