by Binteko Software

An enhanced betting interface offering real-time charts, market analysis, and speedy trading tools.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Binteko Software

Release : FairBot 3.4

Antivirus check: passed

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FairBot is an advanced software designed to provide an enhanced betting interface for the world's leading sports betting platform, Betfair. Developed to enhance the user experience, FairBot empowers its users to make informed decisions with the help of market analysis tools, real-time price movement charts, and ladder interfaces. The aim is to give users a significant edge over other Betfair users and assist them in converting this advantage into profits.

The software updates every 0.1 seconds, enabling users to stay constantly updated on the market status. Furthermore, real-time price movement charts are integrated directly into the main screen, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple screens, which is ideal for live market traders and those who prioritize rapid rotation arbitrage betting.

  • User-friendly Interface: FairBot features a friendly Windows XP-like interface that closely resembles that of Betfair, allowing users to place bets with ease and profitability.
  • Active Odds: Unlike Betfair, which only has two columns of active odds, all odds cells are active on FairBot, offering additional flexibility for your bets and stakes.
  • Smart Bets: FairBot offers what is called "Smart Bets" that enable users to trade on Betfair with ease and at maximum speed. "Smart Bets" generate the necessary bets to achieve a profit, regardless of the outcome.

In summary, FairBot is an essential tool for those looking to enhance their efficiency and profitability on betting exchanges. Whether you are a live market trader, an in-play player, a rapid-rotation arbitrager, or simply someone who wants to place individual bets at lightning speed, FairBot has features to cater to your individual needs. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make FairBot an ideal software choice for trading on Betfair.

FairBot provides a significant edge in sports betting by offering real-time market analysis, enhancing efficiency and profitability.
Requires Windows XP or higher
Minimum 512MB of RAM
Requires stable internet connection for real-time updates
Must have access to Betfair platform

Enhanced betting interface with real-time updates.
Allows for rapid rotation arbitrage betting.
Includes "Smart Bets" for maximum speed trading.

Requires strong understanding of betting to fully utilise.
The high-speed updates may overwhelm beginners.
No built-in tutorial for new users.