Hetman Partition Recovery

by Hetman Software

Allows for saving the entire logical drive

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hetman Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hetman Partition Recovery is a multifunctional and reliable software solution that will help you in case of loss of data from a hard drive, damage to its sectors and other minor malfunctions. The utility has a thought-out and convenient user interface. If you consider yourself an inexperienced user, then instead of working directly with the program, use the built-in wizard. It can be used to solve all the problems in a few steps.

The program allows you to work with each disk separately. In just a few seconds, Hetman Partition Recovery will be able to analyze the medium and detect problems. As a bonus, the developers of the application added tools for working with external media to it. The program also includes an advanced HEX-editor and a convenient system for searching for lost files. With the latter, you can only find the types of documents you need.

- allows you to find a lost file of a certain size and extension;

- Includes a handy wizard;

- has a built-in HEX editor;

- allows you to recover hard drive sectors;

- works with external media.

The Hetman Partition Recovery sounds like a great option for those of us that are technology challenged. In the past, I've had to bring my laptop to a professional in order to recover my hard drive. With this product, I should be able to use the built-in Wizard to do this on my own, which will save me time and money.
Hetman Partition Recovery is a piece of software that can help you recover data from damaged partitions of your hard drive in the event or data corruption or minor hard drive errors. It even works on external hard drive and portable USB drives.
Hetman Partition Partition Recovery for Windows offers the rare opportunity at a "do over" when it comes to computing. Hetman Partition Recovery allows you to get back files that you previously deleted or lost due to mistakenly partitioning a hard disk or flash drive improperly. It's important to find critical software like this that has a reputation for quality over time and Hetman Partition Recovery is just that.
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