Huawei HiSuite

by Huawei Device

Expands user functionality on Android/Windows smartphones through download management, data backup, and system updating

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Huawei Device

Release: Huawei HiSuite 8.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Huawei's free HiSuite software package is a revolutionary way to expand the functionality of any Android/Windows smartphone. HiSuite enables you to increase functionality on your phone itself, but also to expand the management of messages, photos, and other phone data wirelessly on your home computer or laptop as well. This software suite enhances management of everything from contacts, photos, and videos to software updates, application management, and phone data backups on both your phone and your laptop.


  • Message Functionality: With HiSuite, your laptop and phone access the same messages and can send communications all from a single phone number. View, reply to, and delete phone messages from your computer or phone, send group texts from both devices, and export those messages from your phone to your computer to preserve those great memes or cherished conversations with loved ones.
  • Photo and Video Management: Offers multiple browsing modes for both photo and video, import/export to laptops wirelessly, wallpaper configuration, and the ability to take screenshots of the phone screen from your laptop computer.
  • Data Back-up: Wirelessly and easily back up phone data to your laptop or desktop and restore from that backup when needed, which supports better backup practices and reduces the likelihood you'll lose large amounts of data in the case of a phone failure!
  • Application and Contact Management: Ability to view, edit, and modify applications and contact info from your laptop while syncing the changes to your device. Import/export your contacts to your laptop for safe-keeping and quick updating and update your applications with one click on your computer.
  • Software Updates: HiSuite gives you the ability to download and manage phone updates from your computer. Additionally, HiSuite is committed to prompt and valuable updates to respond to users' feedback.

This software suite is a win for users across the spectrum of Android/Windows users. Whether you don't back up your phone as frequently as you need to, forget your phone at home, or jump between a laptop and computer every five seconds, Huawei's HiSuite software package is sure to enhance your device experience.

This software is the prime choice because in addition to added software features on the phone itself, users can also manage the same data from their computers, granting access to all the photos, texts, and data that would otherwise be difficult to access

Download Requirements:

  • 1 MB available disk space and 1 GB available RAM to download
  • Operating System of either Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 (either 32 or 64-bit versions)
  • Screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels with 16 color functionality
Huawei's free HiSuite software package is a revolutionary way to expand the functionality of any Android/Windows smartphone. it also have the following features: Message Functionality,Photo and Video Management,Software Updates, application and Contact Management,Data Back-up.
sam dow
This software is the prime choice because in addition to added software features on the phone itself, users can also manage the same data from their computers, granting access to all the photos, texts, and data that would otherwise be difficult to access
Luke Montalvo
Nice program with easy editing in the various sections. HiSuite program is utility of Huawei, which has a wide functionality that allows you to synchronize mobile devices running the operating system Google Android with personal computers on Windows OS. With HiSuite easily manage any user data on your device. Photos, music or videos, synchronize and edit your contact list and calendar, send and read directly from your PC SMS and MMS messages. Make screenshots of smartphone and tablet screen, regardless of Android version and having root rights on the device. Also is very important : Huawei HiSuite you will be able to make backup copies of all important data, including the application in one click.
this product is very super. but slow speed
these is an effective solution for connecting your android device to your windows computer. it works along with two applications one for windows one for android, the application is design to work along with USB cable.
The Huawei HiSuite is an android smart device manager that you can download to your pc. The data on all of my android devices can be backed up to one central place on your home computer and to be honest, I find it GREAT! Its usefulness has not outdone itself with its restore function which I used to, well, restore my android phone. All in all, great software for anybody who tends to forget what they must.
This is a great little network for sharing photos, music, documents, and other files between my group, allowing us to share a workload together with quick uploading and sharing. We were working on a website package for our client and building it with a network connection allowed us to save hours of wasted time setting up individual file uploads on a single website host where you have to wait to watch an ad to download your own file.
The Huawei Hisuite for Windows gathers all of your Android phone data into one place. This software allows for a backup of your data and one is able to send and view messages right from their computer.
the smart way to manage this huawey hisuite device clean and download and virus free that can be target be attack it is used to company software it is really good software to use .it is developed by chinese technology company . it is reallu used for all windows and software company it is very virus free it is good to use.besides they really not need to use hisuite transfer file
Huawei HiSuite for Windows is a great product for all Huawei and Honor tablet owners. It is free and allows you to connect your devices to your PC, you can send messages, and even restore your system after a crash. You can even transfer data from your tablet to your PC. It's easy to use and highly recommended.
I love it! It's super easy to install, and allows you to manage your phone from your computer after you plug it in via USB. You can do pretty much anything that you could on your phone, like managing contacts, messages, pictures, videos, applications, etc. You can also back up and recover your phone data in order to keep your data safe.
I love using Huawei HiSuite for Windows because it's a program that lets me take over my Android phone right from my PC device. All you need to do is use this program to link your phone to your computer, and then you'll conveniently have full remote access to all of your texts and contacts, and even to your calendar invitations.
Dylan S*******n
Huawei HiSuite is an official PC Suite software developed by Huawei for its Android devices. It is used to manage, sync and transfer data between Huawei phones and a PC. It allows users to back up and restore their device data, update their device software, and transfer photos, music, and contacts between the device and a PC. The software also helps users to manage and customize their device settings, and to manage and control their device more easily.
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