by PeacockMedia

A fast and accurate OSX native link checker for Mac improving UX and SEO

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PeacockMedia

Release : Integrity 12.8.7

Antivirus check: passed

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Integrity is a free link verification software for Mac. It was specifically developed for OSX operating systems and is designed to guarantee that all links on a webpage are functioning properly.

Links on a website can quickly become obsolete or break for various reasons: we modify, delete, or move our own pages, and those we link to do the same. Regular use of a link verification software like Integrity can enhance the user experience (UX) of your website and optimize its search engine optimization (SEO).

  • OSX Compatibility: Integrity is specifically designed for Mac operating systems, ensuring optimum integration and performance.
  • Fast Link Verification: The software quickly and efficiently inspects all the links on your website to detect broken links.
  • User Experience Improvement: By ensuring that all the links on your website are functioning correctly, Integrity helps to enhance the user experience.
  • SEO Optimization: By avoiding the presence of broken links on your website, Integrity can help improve its ranking in search results.

In summary, Integrity is an essential tool for anyone who owns a website and is interested in its performance and ranking. With its ease of use and speed, it is ideal for regular use and contributes to maintaining the quality and efficiency of your website.

Integrity software quickly detects and helps fix broken links, improving website user experience and SEO ranking.
OSX compatible system required
Fast internet connection for link verification
Sufficient storage for software installation
Web browser to access and verify website links

Optimized for Mac OS for optimal performance.
Detects and verifies broken links swiftly.
Enhances user experience and SEO optimization.

Not compatible with non-Mac operating systems.
Cannot verify links on encrypted or login-required pages.
No customer support or guidelines available.
Integrity 12.7.10 (4.55 MB)
Integrity 12.7.12 (4.67 MB)
Integrity 12.8.7 (3.37 MB)