JRiver Media Center

by JRiver, Inc.

An all-in-one solution for managing, playing and customizing various types of media files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JRiver, Inc.

Release : JRiver Media Center 30.0.40

Antivirus check: passed

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JRiver Media Center is a comprehensive software solution for the effective management of massive media file libraries. This intuitive application enables organization, playback, and tagging of all sorts of media files. Audiophile quality is supported by features such as real-time high-definition television recording, support for DSD files, ten-foot mode, and remote control.

  • Audiophile Quality: Jriver guarantees maximum sound quality with support for DSD files and real-time HD TV recordings.
  • Wide File Format Support: Supports over 90 media file formats, along with compatibility with iPods, cameras, and other popular portable devices such as Sony PSP and PlaysForSure.
  • Customizable and 3D Media Views: This tool provides unique media views that ease navigation and file searching.
  • Integration with Social Media and Online Platforms: Jriver allows seamless interaction with Facebook, Flickr, Amazon MP3, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Hulu, Last.FM, Twitter, and others.
  • Sound File Editor: The software includes a media editor to modify sound files and an inbuilt CD tag-maker.

Beyond these features, JRiver Media Center has additional attractive functionalities like the ability to burn discs, serve Xbox, PS3, UPnP, DLNA, TiVo, and more. Users can also customize their listening environment with DSP Studio, create their own visualizations with the Visualization Studio, and schedule sleep, alarm, and recording functions with the Media Scheduler.

In summary, JRiver Media Center is a versatile and comprehensive tool for all your media file management needs. Whether you're looking to organize your music library, edit sound files, create playlists, or simply enjoy your favorite media with the best possible quality, JRiver has everything to satisfy you.

JRiver Media Center offers comprehensive management of massive media file libraries with audiophile quality playback.
Windows 7 or newer
Intel or AMD Processor
Minimum 1GB RAM
250MB free disc space

Supports over 90 media file formats.
Offers extensive social media and online platform integration.
Customizable media views and sound file editor.

Can be overwhelming for novice users due to complexity.
Premium features require purchasing a license.
Doesn't support Linux operating system.
A small media player designed to utilize the Windows Media Player (WMP) technology