by Mastro Software

A practical astrology software equipped with powerful interpretation capabilities.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mastro Software

Release : Mastro 5.0.4

Antivirus check: passed

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Whether you have to determine the accurate planet position or create graphic charts to study different astrological aspects, you need innovative software for your assistance. To help astrologists and enthusiasts in their work, Mastro stepped up as a modern and easy-to-use software. It generates colorful geographical maps, bi-wheel and tri-wheel charts so you can save time in manual operations. 

The powerful interpretation capabilities of this groundbreaking application help in visualizing things with more clarity and precision. You can generate interactive and visually appealing charts, view transits of the planet, or gain insights into the impact of these transits. Everything will be at your fingertips. 


Mastro offers an information-rich interface that features natal charts, transits, lunar nodes, asteroids, and a variety of other dynamic interpretations.

  • It is a complete astrology software that enhances your creativity by providing powerful interpretations. 
  • You can access diverse features, including projections and progressions, to forecast future trends and primary directions and complete planetary positions or ephemeris. 
  • It also allows you to study different astrological aspects such as asteroids, fixed stars, eclipses, planetary periods, and strengths. This way, you can find out the influence of planets, points, or houses in a horoscope. 
  • Mastro contains the best customer support team to solve users’ problems immediately and provides extensive documentation for your guidance. 
  • It is highly customizable and supports multiple coordinate systems such as tropical and sidereal. During calculations, you can also personalize orbs by angle or by planet. 
  • The application is highly user-friendly, so a non-technical person can assess every feature and get help in astrological work. 
  • The best thing about Mastro is its simple working methodology. It has a modern interface with beautiful and interactive charts so you can get insights into each aspect of the planet. Moreover, to see different astrological aspects, you just have to place the cursor on the object, and it will show you a detailed interpretation of what’s inside.

To move forward or roll things backward, you can just use the drag-and-drop functionality and move the planets or graphs within seconds.  For chart animations, you can also use the clock feature. If you need further help on how to use it, you can access its comprehensive documentation or contact the customer support team.

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
Minimum 2GB RAM, recommended 4GB or more
Minimum 100MB of free hard disk space
Graphics card supporting OpenGL 2.0 or higher

Fully customizable, offering a broad range of appearance options.
Features an exclusive expert system for easy chart interpretation.
Supports both tropical and sidereal astrology, geocentric and heliocentric systems.

Can be overwhelming for astrology beginners.
The design may seem outdated to some.
Requires regular maintenance for optimal performance.
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