by PassMark Software

A free, open-source memory testing software to check the errors or defects in the RAM.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PassMark Software

Release : Memtest86 10.7

Antivirus check: passed

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Are you planning to use your new PC? How about checking the RAM performance before getting to work? Memtest86 is designed to diagnose errors by using a series of complex algorithms and test patterns. This advanced tool professionally detects the malfunctioning that BIOS-based memory tests fail to locate. You are required to boot up the software for RAM diagnosis by using a blank CD or USB drive.

It is a stand-alone solution that thoroughly identifies the integrity of a computer's memory with an x86 or x86-64 architecture. The software's built-in algorithms have been developed for 20 years, ensuring the effectiveness of memory checks. You'll experience a series of test sections to check if there is any defect that can interrupt your PC's smooth functionality.


Memtest86 is a freeware software solution that helps you understand your Windows RAM condition to ignore consistent freezes, crashes, or instabilities.
  • The software works after booting up from the USB drive.
  • It supports 13 different advanced algorithms to securely detect all the RAM defects of your PC.
  • Different types of RAM, such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5, ECC, SODIMM, and XMP, are compatible with this tool
  • Memtest86 is optimized to function for the UEFI-based x86 or ARM system.
  • Customized test setting features allow detailed and effective reports.
  • The software comes with an automated system for restoring and logging errors.
  • The multi-language features enable users to check the system's memory conveniently.

If you encounter issues running your PC smoothly, you'll have a frustrating experience. Memtest86 helps you identify errors for personal or industrial usage. It comes with three editions: free, pro, and site edition to check the memory of your system. All of these contain additional features to use as per the requirements. Memtest86 is mostly a handy solution for PC repair stores, system builders, PC manufacturers, or overclockers.

It was developed by Chris Brady in 1994, and the algorithms have been under testing and development for advanced features and processing. The free version enables an easy download and use of the program by booting up with a USB drive. However, to unlock the additional features for commercial use, you must pay a license fee.

Compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems
RAM for conducting memory tests
Disk space for software installation

Effective for diagnosing and troubleshooting memory issues.
Supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.
Contains user-friendly graphical user interface.

Doesn't repair or fix the detected memory errors.
Might be complex for less tech-savvy users.
Only tests RAM, not other components.
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