Registry Life

by ChemTable Software

Allows one to add a registry online

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ChemTable Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Registry Life is a program for accelerating the operation of the operating system by removing unnecessary registry keys left by the built-in uninstaller, correcting system errors and many other factors. It has a very simple and clear interface that even a child can understand. Interestingly, the program can work in two modes - "Register optimization" and "Register cleaning". We strongly recommend you to use both of them and launch the system analysis at least once every two weeks. This way, you can keep your computer running at its best and avoid many possible operating system problems. It is important to note that before deleting a key, Registry Life always creates a backup copy of it, and before optimization - saves the registry structure in a separate file.

The key feature of this program is the possibility to choose the register areas which it will ignore during analysis and cleaning. Advanced users can even mark individual keys that they think are important. In addition, access to registry entries that relate to a particular hardware can be restricted. For example, prohibit Registry Life from working with records related to the optical drive or created portable devices. Upon completion of the analysis, the program outputs a complete list of affected keys. And the last thing we should thank the developers of this program is that they do not ask for money for their child. In general, Registry Life is a very convenient, intuitive and, importantly, completely free of charge registry cleaner.

- has a very simple interface in which each function is located, as it is called, "in its place";

- allows both cleaning and optimizing the registry;

- allows you to configure the ignored areas and registry keys;

- "democratically" uses system resources;

- Includes a built-in task scheduler;

- has a very simple intuitive interface;

- is distributed completely free of charge.

Registry Life does exactly what it's name implies -- it protects the life of your registry and, therefore, your computer. We all know how computers seem to slow down over time. The more you use them the slower they get. That's due to a lot of "stuff" that gets dumped into the system and eventually wading through it all slows the computer down. Register Life is flexible enough for complete beginners or for experts. The best part, though, is that this little gem is FREE! I don't want to ever be without it again.
Registry Life is a tool that can increase the performance level of your computer by cleaning and optimizing the Windows registry items
Reall good program to help with any sort of errors you may come across on your hard drive. It has optimization capabilities as well. This program is a bit complex however this is something that i am new too as well so others may disagree. I will say that this is worth giving a try and can definitely help expand your knowledge on how to work on computers
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