by PeacockMedia

An advanced site audit tool with SEO analysis, link verification, sitemap, and spellcheck capabilities

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PeacockMedia

Release : Scrutiny 12.8.1

Antivirus check: passed

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Scrutiny is a software program that provides a wide range of features designed for website owners and search engine optimization professionals. It primarily serves as a website analysis tool, allowing you to check the integrity of links, optimize SEO, generate sitemaps, and verify the spelling of website content.

The Scrutiny software operates on a fast, effective, and precise engine, capable of analyzing websites that require a login to access their content. It can also test links found within PDF documents and process javascript prior to analysis.

  • Link Monitoring: Scrutiny checks all the links on your website to ensure they are operating correctly.
  • SEO Optimization: After a single analysis, Scrutiny has extensive information about your site. It can identify issues such as missing titles or descriptions, pages overloaded with keywords, images without alternative text, and more.
  • Sitemap Generation: Scrutiny can export an XML sitemap for submission to search engines. It also provides the option to include images and PDF files.
  • Spelling Check: Scrutiny can perform a spelling and grammar check on your content using the standard functionality of OSX and your customized dictionary.

This software is, therefore, a very useful tool for enhancing the quality and performance of your website. It can help to resolve issues that might affect your website's ranking in search engines, and ultimately, its traffic and visibility. Scrutiny is definitely a tool to consider for anyone seriously committed to optimizing their website.

Scrutiny software provides comprehensive website analysis to boost SEO optimization and improve site performance.
1. Operating system: OSX
2. Ability to process JavaScript
3. Access to website contents for analysis

Allows for comprehensive website analysis including SEO optimization.
Can generate sitemaps, test links in PDFs, and process javascript.
Features a built-in spelling and grammar check for content.

Lacks a user-friendly interface for beginners or non-tech savvy users.
No support for non-English language websites.
Limited SEO recommendations compared to specialized SEO tools.
Scrutiny 12.7.10 (5.67 MB)
Scrutiny 12.7.12 (5.68 MB)
Scrutiny 12.8.1 (3.83 MB)
A fast and accurate OSX native link checker for Mac improving UX and SEO
Analyze and optimize a web page's load speed, size and SEO performance.