USB Show

by Red MX

A simple USB reveal tool, helps find either lost or hidden files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Red MX

Release : USB Show 1

Antivirus check: passed

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USB Show is what could be called a one-use program by many, not having much more to offer except for its main use, but still - what it is and how good it does it? Well, it does simply show all the hidden files on your disk currently, revealing all the needed data, be it incidentally installed virus, forgotten password/file, or anything else you might need to come back to when hiding certain files/information. Now, the program itself is very simplistic, practically consisting of one window where it simply allows you to start the scan of the device you're using, not containing any bloatware or any other computer trash for it to be, ironically, hidden on the system.

There are two languages present in the program, Spanish (added by the creator himself) and English, but it, of course, doesn't really matter as you could navigate and use the program while being practically blind due to its austerity of anything else other than base functionality. Now it could also be mentioned that you can choose a specific folder/data carrier for the process to be more optimized and fast, thanks to it now having to scan much less junk and unneeded files and folders.


  • Probably the least complex and most simple design, so even older generation/less familiar with computers folk could use it if in need
  • Utility for virus detection and subsequent removal, helping thoroughly to identify the location and the file itself to approach virus removal effectively 
  • A portable app can be brought down on other devices (if one's corrupted, for example) and used freely among those, or even better - with the data from your computer you can recreate the process anywhere you'd need it

So, really the only minus we could pin-point here is poor translation quality, but once again there is simply no reason for it to be good as there's just one button and one utility-use that comes with it. We'd say that's neither good nor bad, as the app itself doesn't do much else other than it promises, so we'd just say it's okay for what it is and settle at that.

USB Show is a maximum simplicity and effectiveness to comply with either virus remover or general disk scanning for precise file location
Compatible with various storage devices
Works with multiple languages
Does not provide malware/virus protection

Straightforward and user-friendly interface.
Compatible with various storage devices.
Able to uncover and recover hidden files.

Does not provide protection against malware or viruses.
No file removal feature, manual deletion required.
Does not restore the original file attributes.
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