Le VPN review and features

Last updated: 2024-01-06 14:48:06

What is a VPN? In simple terms, it is a virtual private network, but with Le VPN, it is so much more! You may ask yourself, why would you need one? Le VPN is simply one of the best on the market. With our program, you can unblock online TV and stream from anywhere. You can also change your IP address in over 114 countries. Use it to secure an internet connection on five devices. Enjoy the freedom of the internet, bypassing internet censorship. You can unblock websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and many other sites as well.

Want to stay anonymous? Mask your IP address when online. Worried about staying secure? With Le VPN, you can stay secure while using WIFI or shopping online. You will have top-secret encryption as well with Le VPN. Enhance online privacy with Le VPN and also enjoy a high-speed connection. You can rely on trusted DNS servers and bypass the proxy. VPN is safe for P2P file sharing. Download movies? Well, Le VPN is secure for torrent downloads. You can unlock gaming websites with our VPN. Like to watch live sports? Enjoy that feature from anywhere in the world!

Le VPN software is compatible with the majority of operating systems, which includes Mac and Windows. Three VPN protocols are OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. Le VPN also consists of a hybrid called HybridVPN. A unique service that will combine every benefit of the SmartDNS and a secure VPN connection. Use your SmartDNS to unlock main TV channels in the United States, United Kingdom, or France. The service is very easy to use, and it has a friendly support staff waiting to answer any questions you may have about our VPN server. 290. In summary, the Le VPN server will make life easier for you.

Try the service at no risk for 30 days. Don`t like the Le VPN service, then get your money back with no questions asked. Le VPN service is a great way to protect yourself against the growing threats that are out there. 

Minimal price 2.22 USD / month
Max devices per licence 5
Money back guarantee 30 days
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) NO
Number of servers 800+
Kill switch support YES
Based in country FR (France)  

Le VPN is not a particularly well-known service, but it is famous in France, where it comes from. It positions itself as a powerful anonymization tool, No-Log VPN which offers a wide range of protection functions, and this is decisive for many users. In this article, we will try to find out what Le VPN actually is, and spoiler alert - it differs from what is presented on their website.

  1. Freedom and security.

  2. Streaming services unblock.

  3. Mobile security.

  4. Easy-to-use application.

  5. Cryptocurrency accepted.

  6. Great customer support.

  7. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Le VPN allows users to enjoy protection with the following features:

  • Allowed P2P
    Access Pirate Bay and return to the old Internet without restrictions with Le VPN.
  • Digital freedom with 114+ countries supported
    Find yourself in one of 114 countries in just one click. What can we say about blocking? Forget about their existence.
  • Kill Switch
    A helpful feature that will turn off the Internet if the connection to the VPN is interrupted so that your personal data does not leak into the network.
  • Logging feature
    Keep track of what connections your computer makes and what it uses.
  • OpenVPN and L2TP support
    Modern and secure protocols are already here; go to the settings and choose the best one for you.
  • Startup connection
    It`s great to be permanently protected, especially if your computer connects to the VPN immediately upon startup.
Max devices per licence 5
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) NO
Kill switch support YES
AdBlock NO
IP Shuffle NO
Split tunneling NO

Before Le VPN testing, we saw an article from 2012 that tells which service is fast and supports speeds of up to 10Mbps, and over 12 years, they have increased this very speed by 4-10 times depending on the server, which seems an incredibly small improve if we will back to reality: more and more Internet users now are using high-speed Internet lines up to 10 Gbit per second. Let`s go back to what is available on the Internet at such speeds: torrenting on several servers, streaming in 4k on several servers, and it all comes down to the fact that some servers provide simply meager speeds compared to competitors who cost the same and offer more in times.

The starting point for our tests will be ThessalonikiGreece.

A service called Speedtest will help us with this.

Quick reminders:
Ping — time in ms required to transfer data from you to the server. — Lower is better, higher is worse. 
Download — speed of downloading data from (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.
Upload — speed of data upload to (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.

Thessaloniki, Greece - No VPN

London, United Kingdom, VPN enabled

Frankfurt, Germany, VPN enabled

Paris, France, VPN enabled

Ashburn, VA, United States, VPN enabled

Los Angeles, United States, VPN enabled

Le VPN offers its users 800 servers in 114 countries around the world. This is an awe-inspiring number of countries, allowing you to bypass geo-location restrictions and gain access to as many unique services and sites as possible. Speaking of speed, they provide quite a low speed, so you will have to carefully select a server before you start watching your favorite content or downloading files.

Le VPN claims to be a No-Log VPN, but at the same time, its privacy policy contains a mention of collecting very important data that will allow you to cross this service off the wish list for many users. It`s sad to see that some services take a long time to come to a full No-Log policy because this is an integral part of any VPN today, but unfortunately, Le VPN puts your data and your IP at risk.


  1. Username, email address, password (encrypted), and IP address when registering.
  2. If disclosed, First and last names, company name, postal address, and phone number.
  3. Timestamps, IP address, and amount of data transmitted during VPN sessions.


  1. Details of or monitoring of websites visited during VPN sessions.
  2. Private information about user activities on the network, such as emails, chats, and website visits.

Le VPN costs almost as much as the best VPNs, such as Nord VPN and ExpressVPN - nearly $10 per month, and with a long-term subscription, it`s about two dollars. Considering all the features and speed on Le VPN servers, we would not recommend buying it but overpaying for the slight difference in cost in favor of better services because Nord VPN costs $3 per month with a 3-year subscription. Speaking of payment methods, they contain cryptocurrency, which is a significant plus for reputation. However, let us remind you that the service saves your personal data and IP, so anonymity when purchasing is unnecessary here.

Below is a table with prices for the service:

Months Price Price per month
1 Month $9,95 $9,95
12 Months $59,40
36 Months $79,99 $2,22


  • During holidays or sales, the service offers discounts so you can save quite a lot of money on them

Many payment options are available: credit and debit cards, PayPal, Crypto, and others.

Le VPN is one of the worst services for torrenting because it lacks basic things for this purpose: first, the privacy policy says that the service collects your personal data, including IP address, connection time, and so on; second - speeds on most servers are incredibly low. This is quite enough reason to skip this service if you are looking for a VPN for torrenting. We reviewed many services, so if you are interested in a reliable torrenting service, we recommend you visit our section with reviews of VPN services.

Disappointment with Le VPN came during speed tests and checking the privacy policy since the speeds on most servers are very low compared to other services, but the privacy policy still says that the service collects data about you, although the service itself positions itself as No-Log. A year`s subscription costs almost five dollars a month, making it a competitor to NordVPN, costing $4,49. We recommend that you think twice about whether Le VPN is worth the money or not.

Publisher: Le VPN

Company: VTNV Solutions Limited

Country: France  

Money-back guarantee: 30 days

Minimal price / user: 2.22 USD

Payment methods:

Trial: 7 days

Devices per license: 5

Mobile apps: YES

Number of servers: 800+

Number of countries: 114


No-logs policy: NO

AdBlock: NO

Kill switch: YES


Works in China: YES

Supports torrents: YES

Streaming servers: YES

Gaming servers: YES

IP Shuffle: NO

Split tunneling: NO

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