NordLayer VPN review and features

Last updated: 2024-01-13 11:06:17

NordLayer is a cloud-hosted platform providing secure network services and virtual private servers with easy setup and management. 

NordLayer is a suite of advanced software solutions for businesses looking to optimize their performance and reduce costs. With NordLayer, businesses can quickly and easily access a wide range of features and tools to help them improve their operations.

The software provides an easy-to-use interface that allows businesses to quickly and easily access all of their business data and applications. NordLayer can be customized to meet the needs of each business, allowing users to tailor the software to fit their individual needs.

NordLayer’s features and capabilities make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their performance and reduce costs. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, NordLayer can help businesses improve their operations and make better decisions.

An important determining factor in NordLayer`s success was the fact that the service offers very effective protection and the maximum possible anonymity for users. It has adopted experience from its regular VPN service and offers a wider range of services and protection, which users warmly appreciate.

Minimal price 8.00 USD / month
Max devices per licence 6
Money back guarantee 14 days
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) YES
Number of servers 1100+
Kill switch support YES
Based in country PA (Panama)  

NordLayer VPN is one of the few services that provide services for businesses. It offers a wide range of data protection, analytics, and management features that you can use easily to keep your business network and employees safe. In this article, we will try to figure out what NordLayer VPN is, see how good it really is for optimization and protection, and also test it for speed.

  1. Access geo-specific content.

  2. Ensure IP masking and strong protection.

  3. Control access to selected content categories and apps.

  4. Monitor VPN activity in the organization. 

  5. Zero Trust Network Access.

  6. Secure Web Gateway.

  7. Compliance management levels.

NordLayer VPN offers a massive set of features for employees and businesses:

  • Business Analytics
    NordLayer’s robust analytics capabilities allow businesses to analyze their data and make informed decisions effectively. This can help companies make more informed decisions about their operations and improve their overall performance.
  • Business Intelligence
    NordLayer’s business intelligence capabilities allow businesses to gain insights into their operations and make better decisions. This can help companies make better operations decisions and improve their overall performance.
  • Data Security
    NordLayer’s secure data storage and management capabilities protect businesses` data from unauthorized access.
  • Data Management
    NordLayer’s advanced data management capabilities allow businesses to store, manage, and analyze all of their business data securely and efficiently.
  • Cloud Computing
    NordLayer’s cloud computing capabilities allow businesses to access their data and applications from anywhere, anytime. This can help companies save time and money by reducing infrastructure costs.
  • Reporting
    NordLayer’s reporting capabilities allow businesses to efficiently generate and view reports on their data and operations. This can help companies to track their performance and make better decisions.
  • Protection level
    2FA, SSO, Auto-connect, Site-to-Site, AES-256, Dedicated IP, and Smart Remote Access will put you in the highest protection level possible.
Max devices per licence 6
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) YES
Kill switch support YES
AdBlock NO
IP Shuffle NO
Split tunneling YES

NordLayer VPN was made to provide clients with maximum speed, and this function is almost 100% fulfilled, judging by the speeds we saw during tests. Rest assured that your employees and you personally will enjoy the highest speeds, and by the way, it is essential to note that speeds can reach up to 10Gbps. It`s incredible how a high degree of protection can be combined with high internet speeds with almost no loss inside NordLayer VPN.

The starting point for our tests will be ThessalonikiGreece.

A service called Speedtest will help us with this.

Quick reminders:
Ping — time in ms required to transfer data from you to the server. — Lower is better, higher is worse. 
Download — speed of downloading data from (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.
Upload — speed of data upload to (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.

Thessaloniki, Greece - No VPN

London, United Kingdom, VPN enabled

Frankfurt, Germany, VPN enabled

Amsterdam, Netherlands, VPN enabled

New York, United States, VPN enabled

Montreal, Canada, VPN enabled

At first, 1,100 servers in 33 countries may seem like a small number, but NordLayer looks at quality rather than quantity. You and your employers will retain a significant amount of speed if you use a high-speed optical connection of up to 10 Gbps, which is rare for VPN services today. Let’s not forget that Nord VPN has a very high reputation, which gives us confidence that you will always use the best and highest-speed servers to protect yourself on the Internet or change your IP address.


NordLayer VPN`s privacy policy leaves no questions; it is as clear and transparent as possible. You can be one hundred percent sure that your data is not collected, and even insignificant data will be reliably protected not only by the service but also by law because the service is registered far away from those countries that, if they wish, will want to reveal your identity.


  1. End Users` names, email, professional information, account registration, login information, subscription information, device information, application diagnostics, connection timestamps, server information, access to shared servers, and device posture-related features.
  2. Representative`s contact information and professional information for business agreements.
  3. Payment data, country details, access logs, information from analytics service providers, and communication data (email campaigns, chatbot interactions, live chat widgets, social media interactions).


  1. Information about individuals under the age of 18.
  2. Clear indication of specific browsing history or explicit details about website visits.
  3. Information without the user`s consent, as indicated by legal grounds for processing personal data.

NordLayer VPN offers a per-user price, offering a minimum of 5 users. The service must also be ready to discuss individual subscription terms. In general, in a field of little competition, the price is not low, but it is good to have a considerable number of control and security tools and ease of use. If this is important to you and your business, we know that NordLayer VPN is right for you.

Below is a table with prices for the service per user with no taxes included:

Monthly plan Price Price per month
Lite $120,00 $10,00
Core $168,00
Premium $216,00 $18,00
Yearly plan Price Price per month
Lite $96,00 $8,00
Core $132,00
Premium $168,00 $14,00

Only credit and debit cards and Bank transfers are available as payment methods.

Yes, NordLayer VPN does not specialize in torrenting, but nothing prevents you from downloading P2P files because there are no blocks or restrictions on traffic. It would not be the best choice to buy NordLayer VPN for this opportunity since the regular Nord VPN is cheaper and will provide a little more protection, but if the service is in your hands, you can be sure that you will not have any problems accessing the Pirate Bay.

Having carefully reviewed NordLayer VPN, we concluded that it could easily surprise even the most sophisticated user, primarily with its simplicity and protection. For company owners, this is simply an indispensable tool to protect their colleagues and workers, and it will not let you down, regardless of the task you set. There are few business services that offer a separate rented server, and even fewer that offer such a deep level of protection. You definitely can’t go wrong by choosing a reliable and proven NordLayer VPN for business.

Publisher: NordLayer VPN

Company: Nord Security

Country: Panama  

Money-back guarantee: 14 days

Minimal price / user: 8.00 USD

Payment methods:


Devices per license: 6

Mobile apps: YES

Number of servers: 1100+

Number of countries: 33


No-logs policy: YES

AdBlock: NO

Kill switch: YES


Works in China: NO

Supports torrents: YES

Streaming servers: YES

Gaming servers: NO

IP Shuffle: NO

Split tunneling: YES

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