NordVPN review and features

Last updated: 2023-12-05 20:34:35

NordVPN is a VPN service that offers protection against internet service providers and government restrictions. It ensures your online privacy, security, and anonymity by encrypting your internet traffic and “digging” a tunnel for the private server in other countries or continents.

Be hidden no matter where you are. NordVPN has applications for iOS and Android, so be sure that you will be protected even if you are far from your home. What are we even talking about, The service has more than 5900 servers worldwide.

Password security and File security? Easy for NordVPN. In addition to VPN service, you can get much more: NordPass for securing your passwords and NordLocker for securing your essential files.

As a high-segment VPN, the service offers an incalculable amount of useful features you can imagine. Split tunneling, Kill Switch, Double VPN, and much much more!

NordVPN makes things incredibly straightforward. There is no need to worry about complicated setups and awful user design - enjoy smooth and clean protection for your online activities. 

But what about personal data? NordVPN takes it seriously. With their strict zero-log policy, you can rest assured that your information is kept safe and confidential.

Minimal price 3.33 USD / month
Max devices per licence 6
Money back guarantee 30 days
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) YES
Number of servers 5900+
Kill switch support YES
Based in country PA (Panama)  

NordVPN is a huge defense and a very helpful tool, like a screwdriver. With NordVPN, you can save money on subscriptions, as you were in another country, buy flight tickets more cheaply, and much more.

NordVPN stands for the protection of its users, and it is a trusted service that does not sell the personal data of users to big and shadow companies. Just be 100% sure that you are protected by using NordVPN.

  1. Applications for Android and iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You will even be able to use VPN on consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation.
  2. Additional features include NordPass for passwords and NordLocker for file security.
  3. Simplicity and clean design.
  4. Strict zero-log policy.
  5. Torrenting, Gaming, and Streaming support are included.
  6. Almost no speed reduction when connected.

is one of the most famous and significant VPN services in the world. And this is not without reason, this VPN client offers a really large number of features for its price, like:

  • Threat Protection
    Scanning files that you are downloading for threats.
  • Dedicated IP address
    Use dedicated IP to avoid blacklists, captcha lists, and much more.
  • Split tunneling
    It lets you choose which applications need a VPN and which do not.
  • Kill Switch
    Simple, but very useful feature. If you lose connection with VPN for even a millisecond, the service will instantly shut off all the internet traffic.
  • Double VPN
    Need more anonymity? Here you are - NordVPN supports the best way to protect yourself without any trail.
  • Secure encryption
    Just make sure you are safe. The AES encryption standard ensures a top level of protection.

Max devices per licence 6
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) YES
Kill switch support YES
AdBlock YES
IP Shuffle YES
Split tunneling YES

We have tested NordVPN and can confidently say that it maintains your original speed, so there are no problems here.

The starting point for our tests will be ThessalonikiGreece.
A service called Speedtest will help us with this.

Quick reminders:
Ping — time in ms required to transfer data from you to the server. — Lower is better, higher is worse. 
Download — speed of downloading data from (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.
Upload — speed of data upload to (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.

Thessaloniki, Greece - No VPN

Athens, Greece, VPN enabled

London, United Kingdom, VPN enabled

Frankfurt, Germany, VPN enabled

New York, United States, VPN enabled

San Francisco, United States, VPN enabled

With over 5,900 servers spread across 60 countries, you can enjoy a reliable and secure internet connection from literally anywhere.

That is very impressive that only one service can handle such a large server network, and that means that all the users will get the best possible experience when using the service.

stands for security and transparency; in addition to this, the service itself supports a no-log policy, and its main company is registered in Panama. So, the company is not obliged to give out data about you and your actions to anyone.


  1. Technical Information:
    • Monitor server performance (CPU, RAM, server net usage) to recommend suitable servers.
    • Use the username and timestamp of the last session status to limit concurrent user sessions (automatically deleted within 15 minutes).
  2. Connectivity Information:
    • Registration of NordVPN Service usage in the last 30 days (no personally identifiable information, only usage indication).
  3. Interaction Data:
    • Detection of irregular patterns within user activity during new sessions (no personally identifiable information, only indication of patterns).
  4. Information on NordVPN Website:
    • IP address and page visit information collected by social media features (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  5. In-App Event Information:
    • Anonymized data related to application activity, device information, application details, and account information for improving user experience.
  6. Device Information:
    • Automatic collection of device model, operating system version, and similar non-identifying information for monitoring and analysis.
  7. Device Identifiers:
    • Recording of device identifiers for marketing or analytics purposes, resettable from device settings.


  1. Internet Activity Logs:
    • NordVPN guarantees a strict no-logs policy, ensuring no monitoring, recording, or storage of users internet activity.
  2. Used Bandwidth, Traffic Logs, IP Addresses, or Browsing Data:
    • NordVPN does not store specific user data related to bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses, or browsing history.
  3. Personally Identifiable Information in Threat Protection Feature:
    • The Threat Protection feature processes statistics without gathering personally identifiable information, ensuring user privacy.

Complete, Plus, and Standard features

is quite an expensive service, but if you will pay a year in advance, you will cut the price by up to 39%.

Below is a table showing the price tags during the Christmas deal, with additional offers.

  Subscription Type Months Price Price per month Christmas deal
Monthly Plan Standard 1 Month $12,99 $12,99  
  Plus 1 Month $13,99 $13,99  
  Complete 1 Month $14,99 $14,99  
1 year plan Standard 12 Months $67,35 $4,49 +3 extra months
  Plus 12 Months $82,35 $5,49 +3 extra months
  Complete 12 Months $97,35 $6,49 +3 extra months
2 years plan Standard 24 Months $102,33 $3,79 +3 extra months
  Plus 24 Months $129,33 $4,79 +3 extra months
  Complete 24 Months $156,33 $5,79 +3 extra months


  • During holidays or sales, the service offers discounts so you can save quite a lot of money on them.

Many payment options are available: Credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Crypto Currencies.

NordVPN service supports torrenting, so ISPs and the government will not catch you while you download files P2P. 

In addition, it provides very high speed between users and has a particular proxy to guarantee maximum security and convenience.

Experience safe and secure torrenting with NordVPN. Enjoy the freedom of downloading your favorite content without any worries.

Finally, we would like to conclude that NordVPN is one of the best services in the world. It contains main features, like Kill-Switch and Split Tunneling, supporting almost all the popular platforms. It has an excellent UI that will be okay for every type of user, even those who are inexperienced. And it has an obligatory thing in VPN - Zero Log policy.

We tested NordVPN servers at high speeds, and tests told us that the service is stable and can operate at high speeds, and you are staying secure anyway. Based on this, we can say that the service really deserves your attention when choosing a VPN.

Publisher: NordVPN

Company: Nord Security

Country: Panama  

Money-back guarantee: 30 days

Minimal price / user: 3.33 USD

Payment methods:

Trial: 30 days

Devices per license: 6

Mobile apps: YES

Number of servers: 5900+

Number of countries: 60


No-logs policy: YES

AdBlock: YES

Kill switch: YES


Works in China: YES

Supports torrents: YES

Streaming servers: YES

Gaming servers: YES

IP Shuffle: YES

Split tunneling: YES

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