PandaVPN review and features

Last updated: 2023-12-27 19:35:46

Panda VPN for Windows is a bit of a jack of all trades in that it`s bundled together under the name Panda Dome, and Panda VPN is merely one of the products included. As its name implies, this is a full-service VPN (a virtual private network) that lets you hide all of your browsing activity from your ISP and the government so that you can enjoy streaming, browsing, and even gaming with complete privacy.

Panda VPN was created by Panda Security, which already has established itself as a pretty strong software company via its Panda Free Antivirus system, a fast and free top-downloaded antivirus software that`s been consistently protecting computers around the globe for years now.

If you value your privacy and don`t want your information cataloged, shared, and even sold by your ISP - Panda VPN does not collect your logs, which is a pleasure to see nowadays. With this service, you can browse, stream, and game securely, and you don`t have to worry about your PC or laptop getting infected by any malware while you`re using it.

Erase any restrictions and stop tracking you on the open Internet with the help of a powerful VPN service that takes care of your protection and has features that make your de-anonymization a thousand times more difficult. It is quite easy to use, so if this is your first VPN service that you try, you will quickly understand the functions, and that`s it.

Minimal price 2.49 USD / month
Max devices per licence 3
Money back guarantee 7 days
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) YES
Number of servers 3000+
Kill switch support NO
Based in country SC (Seychelles)  

Panda VPN is a collection of the most basic functions but also positions itself as a service for streaming and torrenting. Yes, indeed, it has support for streaming services and provides separate servers for this purpose, which works pretty well. Anonymizing and protecting yourself on the Internet is a challenging task that will become a primary one-button action with Panda VPN, which offers good protection that is sufficient for the Internet today.

We introduced Panda VPN in this article, and we have a lot to talk about about it. This is not the most popular service with the most extensive range of features, but let`s remember that each VPN service is extraordinary and offers a piece of philosophy or a unique set of functions.

  1. Over 3,000 servers worldwide.

  2. Truly private internet browsing.

  3. Unblock sites and streaming platforms.

  4. Torrenting support.

  5. Hide your IP address and encrypt your data.

  6. Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Android TV support.

  7. No-Log Policy.

Inside Panda VPN, there is a good set of functions that allow you to protect yourself at an advanced level:

  • Dedicated servers for Streaming
    Panda VPN supports Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and many more services.
  • BitTorrent servers
    Those servers are located almost everywhere around the world - Asia, North America, and Europe.
  • Special modes with protocols
    WireGuard and OpenVPN are built-in and ready to ensure the best speeds and security level. Also, other modes like Smart Mode, PAC Mode, Proxy Mode, and Global VPN Mode exist.
  • 256-bit level of encryption
    Protect your connection in the most secure way with encryption, the key for which is almost impossible to guess or hack.
  • Split Tunneling
    This feature is released in a strange way; you can block traffic only for websites, which is not the best option, but it exists.
  • Advanced Proxy settings with SOCKS5 support
    This is very nice to see in Panda VPN, as it is a very reliable way of protection, even for advanced users.
Max devices per licence 3
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) YES
Kill switch support NO
AdBlock YES
IP Shuffle NO
Split tunneling YES

Panda VPN showed mixed results in speed tests, which means you should be smart about selecting servers to get the best speed. However, it generally showed promising results for all those with 100 Mbit Internet at home, which will be enough for you.

A rather unpleasant thing that we encountered while trying to test the service is that some servers show incorrect locations; for example, in the screenshot below, you can see that during the tests, I chose the London server to connect, but in fact, it was in Paris. Similar incidents occurred with other servers. For example, Frankfurt for Panda VPN turned out to be the United States, which is very confusing.

The starting point for our tests will be ThessalonikiGreece.

A service called Speedtest will help us with this.

Quick reminders:
Ping — time in ms required to transfer data from you to the server. — Lower is better, higher is worse. 
Download — speed of downloading data from (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.
Upload — speed of data upload to (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.

Thessaloniki, Greece - No VPN

Coventry, United Kingdom, VPN enabled

Frankfurt, Germany, VPN enabled

Paris, France, VPN enabled

New York, United States, VPN enabled

San Francisco, United States, VPN enabled

Panda VPN could be more impressive with its server network size, but 3,000 servers in 80 countries are enough to provide a secure connection through the tunnel to tens of thousands of users worldwide. Forget about all restrictions just in one click, watch your favorite shows, movies, and series, and download torrent files safely. Enjoy freedom in the era of the semi-free internet.


Panda VPN`s privacy policy raises no questions, so nothing is interesting here. The service does not collect data about you and tries to be as transparent as possible, which is respectful. Registration with PandaVPN can occur by generating an account number, which is also good for any service that does not collect logs. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency and cash with vouchers have not been introduced into payment methods, so there is no system of complete anonymity when purchasing.


  1. Optional email address for account signup.
  2. Information for customer support, including contact details.
  3. Statistical data through Google Analytics for website performance.


  1. Logs of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries.
  2. Connection logs include IP address, connection timestamp, and session duration.
  3. Users IP addresses, browsing histories, traffic data, etc.

Panda VPN
is a reasonably budget-friendly service, especially if you subscribe for a year or two. The difference between the best VPN services is almost twice the price, but the number of functions inside Panda VPN is several times less. If you are satisfied with what Panda VPN offers, this is a reasonable offer, but if you want more protection, we strongly recommend that you look at our VPN reviews section and choose the one that suits you.

Below is a table with prices for the service during the Christmas offer:

Months Price Price per month
1 Month $9,99 $9,99
3 Months $20,97 $6,99
6+6 Months $47,88
12+12 Months $59,99 $2,49


  • During holidays or sales, the service offers discounts so you can save quite a lot of money on them

The following payment options are available: credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Panda VPN supports and provides servers where torrenting is supported. The security and privacy of the service are sufficient to call it a torrenting service; by the way, the No-Log policy is also implemented in the service, which makes it more attractive for P2P downloads. As for the speed, our tests showed that some servers are mixed up with others, and the speed on many is not that impressive if you use a high-speed Internet connection, so be careful when choosing servers and remember that there are better services for torrenting, for example, Nord VPN, which you can learn more about on our home page.

Panda VPN is not a mega-famous service, but we learned a lot more in this article and are glad to get to know it. Yes, it does not offer incredible protection, and many useful features must be added to the service. For example, Kill Switch is simply not included in the service, and Split Tunneling is implemented strangely, but it still protects you better than free services and accurately takes care of not collecting your data while using the service. Speaking about speed tests in our article, we were faced with the fact that some servers are mixed up, and when connecting to Germany, you are sent to a server in the United States. Yes, not all servers are like this, but it`s annoying when you pay for a service, and it produces something like this and doesn`t fix it for a very long time. The speeds are also different; on all servers, they are not enough for high-speed optical Internet, but ordinary users will be delighted in any case, almost.

We have reviewed a vast number of VPN services and have a clear point of view that they are worth overpaying or, in some cases, paying the same amount and getting much more than Panda VPN gives.

Publisher: PandaVPN

Company: PandaVPN

Country: Seychelles  

Money-back guarantee: 7 days

Minimal price / user: 2.49 USD

Payment methods:

Trial: 7 days

Devices per license: 3

Mobile apps: YES

Number of servers: 3000+

Number of countries: 80


No-logs policy: YES

AdBlock: YES

Kill switch: NO


Works in China: NO

Supports torrents: YES

Streaming servers: YES

Gaming servers: YES

IP Shuffle: NO

Split tunneling: YES

It is important to us that you will find the perfect VPN service for your needs.

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