Private Internet Access review and features

Last updated: 2023-12-20 01:56:57

Private Internet Access is a paid VPN service client with a subscription. By buying the service, you will get a tool at your disposal that will allow you to work comfortably in the network while remaining anonymous and unafraid of all kinds of data collection mechanisms.

The service offers customers more than 35,000 servers in ninety-one countries. By connecting to a server in a particular country, you will have access to any web services running in that country and to sites not prohibited by that country.

Private Internet Access already includes must-have features and many more security functions. Functions like double VPN, best Protection Protocols, and military-grade encryption make surfing the internet much more manageable.

Mobile applications are supported. Fear of public Wi-Fi is over now, and in general, you should no longer have second thoughts when you are protected, even when using mobile data or you are far away from your home.

Do you live in a country trying to isolate itself from the global Internet and deprive you of access to your favorite content and sites? That is an easy task for PIA. Software engineers of Private Internet Access VPN have figured out how to bypass all these blockings, so when using the service, you can feel free again, just like before the blocking.

An evident and accessible interface with detailed protection data. It is so simple that even the most inexperienced user will understand the application. The application will tell you in detail what and how it affects your protection and anonymity on the Internet so you can quickly figure out what is what.

Minimal price 1.98 USD / month
Max devices per licence 10
Money back guarantee 30 days
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) YES
Number of servers 35500+
Kill switch support YES
Based in country US (United States)  

Private Internet Access provides robust online protection with fast and stable connections across its global servers. The VPN client allows the user to switch between connection types (UDP or TCP), configure ports, choose the type of data encryption and digital signature (SHA1, SHA256), and offer many more features inside. In general, with Private Internet Access, you will be protected online, but you have to pay a monthly subscription fee (several plans are available).

  1. Strong VPN encryption.

  2. Protect your personal data in one click.

  3. Mobile devices supported.

  4. Unlimited device connections.

  5. No-Logs Policy.

  6. Access to restricted resources.

  7. 24/7 customer support.

  8. China, Russia, Iran, and other countries are supported.

Private Internet Access offers a huge packet of functions:

  • DNS Leak Protection
    Allow you to choose a DNS server to prevent any possible DNS Leaks.
  • Secure Protocols
    WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols are the best in this field. They are 100% open source and have proven their reliability.
  • Multi-Hop feature
    Want something more than just VPN Protection? This feature was built right for you, adding an additional layer to your protection with a connection to two servers at one time.
  • Kill Switch
    Everyone knows how sad it is to lose connection, especially while using a VPN. To prevent this and the possible leaks, PIA has this feature.
  • Split Tunneling
    If you need to use a VPN to access an exact application or a group of applications, this feature allows you to do this.
  • Built-in Ad-Block
    Just erase ads and ad trackers from your browser through a powerful built-in Private Internet Access VPN adblocker.
Max devices per licence 10
No-log policy (VPN doesnt keep logs) YES
Kill switch support YES
AdBlock YES
IP Shuffle NO
Split tunneling YES

Private Internet Access is showing outstanding speed according to our speed tests. This speed ensures that almost every action on the internet will do exactly like you do without a VPN. Streaming with no lags and the highest possible bitrate, any internet downloads will be done without any problem.

The starting point for our tests will be ThessalonikiGreece.
A service called Speedtest will help us with this.

Quick reminders:
Ping — time in ms required to transfer data from you to the server. — Lower is better, higher is worse. 
Download — speed of downloading data from (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.
Upload — speed of data upload to (!) the Internet. — Lower is worse, higher is better.

Thessaloniki, Greece - No VPN

London, United Kingdom, VPN enabled

Frankfurt, Germany, VPN enabled

New York, United States, VPN enabled

Santa Clara CA, United States, VPN enabled

35,500+ servers in 91 countries, and no, we are not joking. This is the most significant number of servers you can imagine in a VPN by now, and to be precise, they really have great speed, according to our tests. 

Any geo-block just disappears with 91 countries available to choose from in Private Internet Access VPN. Also, PIA is doing very well with a low load on these servers since all the servers have the perfect speed for any tasks you will do.

Private Internet Access VPN is one of the best options if you need more security than most VPN offers. Right here is a fortress against ISPs and third eyes, so you can easily cover yourself with this perfect privacy policy below:


  1. Email address for account management and abuse protection.
  2. Payment data for processing payments (full credit card details not saved).
  3. State/territory and zip code for tax analysis.
  4. Information submitted on the "Contact Us" page.
  5. Email address from received emails.
  6. Cookie identifiers (see Cookie Policy).


  1. Online browsing activities and connection logs.
  2. VPN IPs assigned and original IP addresses.
  3. Browsing history and outgoing traffic details.
  4. Connection timestamps.
  5. DNS queries.

Private Internet Access VPN is cheap for that price for one simple reason - it offers not just a dozen but a million features included. And no user would simply refuse them since this directly affects their protection on the Internet. What about protection and speed? Having the most extensive server network in the world is not enough.

Below is a table with prices for the service with Holiday Special Deal:

Months Price Price per month
1 Month $11,95 $11,95
12 Months $39,95
36+4 Months $79,00 $1,98


  • During holidays or sales, the service offers discounts so you can save quite a lot of money on them

Many payment options are available: credit and debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Cryptocurrencies.

It is the problematic question today - how can I find a VPN service that allows me to download torrents fast and anonymously? Private Internet Access is the executive class for downloading P2P anonymously and quickly - just set the settings with the most substantial protection and enjoy the Pirate Bay. The other part will be done with a strict Zero-Log policy, which tells us that the service does not keep connection data about you at all.


Private Internet Access is an excellent opportunity to keep your data confidential and safe in today`s Internet world, where everyone tries to get the most data from you without your knowledge. It shows excellent bandwidth, enough for every action; must-have features like Zero-Log Policy, which will hide your tracks completely; Military grade encryption, Kill-Switch, Double VPN, and many others.

And the most critical part is the colossal server network that covers any needs and deletes the existence of restrictions. It is no secret that you can buy subscriptions, plane tickets, and book hotels much cheaper from different IP locations. The pricing is very affordable, and only a few services for the same price offer as many functions as Internet Private Access VPN.

Publisher: Private Internet Access

Company: Private Internet Access

Country: United States  

Money-back guarantee: 30 days

Minimal price / user: 1.98 USD

Payment methods:

Trial: 30 days

Devices per license: 10

Mobile apps: YES

Number of servers: 35500+

Number of countries: 91


No-logs policy: YES

AdBlock: YES

Kill switch: YES


Works in China: YES

Supports torrents: YES

Streaming servers: YES

Gaming servers: YES

IP Shuffle: NO

Split tunneling: YES

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