by Davide Libenzi

An email server used on windows that can reach the intranet

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Davide Libenzi

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XMail & mdash; is a small cross-platform mail server for local and global networks. Its core capabilities include multi-domain (including virtual), anti-spam, virtual user support, as well as customizable email filters and a modular architecture. The standard SMTP protocol is used for sending messages, and for receiving POP3, and if necessary, the messages can be sent to external mail servers.

The server supports add-ons that allow you to extend the functionality (XMail Tools are called XMail Tools by the extension developer), among the most popular ones: SpamAssassin - a tool to combat spam, Web Frontend - a utility to manage the server through a web-interface and AV and SPAM filters - spam filter and antivirus.

It is necessary to tell that for the inexperienced user adjustment XMail can appear the nontrivial problem demanding serious acquaintance with the documentation, and all management in a base complete set is carried out through a command line and configuration files. Source codes of the program are available for developers.

XMail offers customizable email filters and multi-domain support, making email management more efficient and spam-free.

- Built-in functions of ESMTP/ESMTPS, POP3/POP3S and Finger servers;

- Ability to work with external servers to send and receive mail;

- the ability to work with multiple domains;

- Virtual accounts support;

- anti-spam protection by blocking IP and spam databases;

- cross-platform;

- modular architecture;

- detailed documentation;

- distribution under the GPL v2 license.

Supports multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
Offers customizable spam filtering and auto-reply messages.
Requires minimal system resources, ensuring optimal performance.

Can be complex to configure for non-technical users.
Limited functionality compared to some competitors.
The interface is outdated and not user-friendly.
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internet mail sever
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the server includes the internet and intranet,. The main thing in the server that is included ESMTP. It will conduct the multiple users, here no need for the users to the system account. The SMTP will be in the relay of checking, DM map check, spam protection SMTP authentication also. In any version of the XMail will be licensed under the GPL . It includes all the features of mails, custom mail functioning
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XMail is an open-source email server software that supports various email protocols, such as POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. It provides a simple and easy-to-use web interface for managing email accounts, aliases, and domains. XMail also supports spam and virus filtering, SSL encryption, and multiple domain hosting. Additionally, it offers flexible configuration options, such as virtual mailboxes, catch-all accounts, and mail forwarding. Overall, XMail is a reliable and efficient email server solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
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XMail software is an open-source email server that allows for easy configuration and management of email services.
An efficient alternative to your typical windows email server that's free and private
smtp4dev is a free, open-source program that provides a fake SMTP server for testing and development purposes.
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